Homeschool Pre-Algebra With Mr. D Math

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teen boy using laptop for Homeschool Pre-Algebra Mr. D Math

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Homeschool Pre-Algebra can induce a sense of panic in many homeschoolers. For many, the higher level math evokes painful memories of their own math experiences. Others recognize that their child now requires a more indepth approach to their math studies.  Mr. D Math, an online program that approaches "Math As A Language" has been a fantastic find for our homeschool.

My oldest, Captain, was ready to move on to higher level math. We have tried a variety of homeschool math options in the 4 years that he has been homeschooled. I knew that an online option was the best way to help him learn.

Freshly thirteen, Captain is definitely flexing is newly found teenage muscles. My oldest has always preferred independent learning. He enjoys working at his own pace and at his own time.

As math time would approach, Captain and I would square up for a head butting match. Time was wasted and both would leave feeling frustrated. After I would simmer down, I would realize that much of the concepts that were to be taught were skipped over as we fussed over why it was necessary to practice math facts.

A young boy using a laptop computer sitting on top of a table for Homeschool Pre-Algebra Mr. D Math
Captain watching a Mr. D Math Pre-Algebra video tutorial

You see, Captain is my "But when will I ever need to use this in real life? kid. Each math lesson would be riddled with under his breath mutterings of "This is ridiculous!" and "It's not like I want to be a math professor when I grow up."

I would become increasingly frustrated because I love math! I adore teaching my boys and was truly looking forward to when we could study Algebra and Calculus together. Math comes relatively easy to me so I could not figure out why I could not pass that along to Captain.

After much prayer and discussion with my husband, I conceded that we would need to look into options for how Captain would learn his higher level math. I almost cried in relief when I learned of our opportunity to use and review Mr. D Math.

Homeschool Pre-Algebra Through Live Online Math

Captain was excited to learn that he would be able to use our computer for his homeschool Pre-Algebra. He was thrilled to hear that he could watch the video tutorials at his own pace. Captain is not one to be rushed through a lesson.

The online quizzes are helpful in pointing out areas that Captain needs to go back and review. In the past, he would become easily frustrated when he didn't get something correct the first time. I was happy to see that Captain has relaxed during his math studies. He reports that he doesn't "feel pressure like I have to be perfect. Mr. D says it's more important to learn it than to just move on."

Captain also likes to be in control. He beamed with delight when he watched Mr. D's introduction to the course. Students are responsible for entering their own grades into the gradebook. This bit of responsibility is music to Captain's ears!

teen boy using laptop for Homeschool Pre-Algebra Mr. D Math

We like how the coursework is printable. Captain can do the work while he watches a video lesson. There is even space for notes.

The "Math as a Language" approach of Mr. D Math also works well for Captain. He  thrives when concepts are explained verbally. Captain told me that "Mr. D just gets it. He explains it in real words, not all that math mumbo-jumbo."  Math is spoken in real life terms for problem-solving skills development.

A feature of Mr. D Math that I was hesitant to tell Captain about was a weekly online class that would supplement his daily lessons. Captain had attended a cyber school our first year of homeschooling and had a negative experience with online learning. I thought he was going to throw a teenage tantrum. Surprisingly, Captain agreed to attend the approximately one hour long class each week-and really likes it. Mr. D (Dennis DiNoia) is fantastic with the students, joking around and engaging them in math learning fun.

teen boy at counter using laptop for Homeschool Pre-Algebra Mr. D Math
Captain loves"Math As A Language" approach in Mr. D Math

How Mr. D Math Homeschool Pre-Algebra Has Blessed Our Homeschool

The #1 way that Mr. D Math has blessed our homeschool is stress reduction. Captain is happier and no longer balks at the mere mention of the word math. I feel relieved because he is enjoying math once again and I don't feel the pressure to teach Pre-Algebra. I also have extra time to work with my 4 other boys.

I have noticed a positive change in Captain's approach to his other homeschool subjects. Instead of leaving an error for later correction, he will take the time to review the material and take another stab at the problem. This miracle in his school work can be attributed to his experience with Mr. D Math. Video tutorials and lesson are designed to help students become excellent test takers. Captain is finally taking the time to go back and fix his work (I could get upset that he didn't learn it from me after many years but I'll take it!).

teen boy using laptop for Homeschool Pre-Algebra Mr. D Math

Also, Captain is genuinely grasping the Pre-Algebra concepts that are presented. He will summarize his lessons for me and even demonstrate his knowledge. (I say this with a bit of shock after all the tete-a-tete we had once experienced!)

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I encourage you to check out all that Mr. D Math has to offer. Classes range from Pre-Algebra up through Pre-Calculus.  Extra help sessions are available, as well as emailing questions to Mr. D throughout the week. Browse around the site to discover all the rockin' available math and test preparation courses. (Yes, SAT and ACT test prep courses!)

Mr. D Math




I pray that this review of Mr. D Math helps you on your homeschool journey. We have been so blessed through using it-and know you will be too!

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