3 Fun Books For Learning Punctuation + Free Printable

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3 Fun Books For Learning Punctuation + Free Printable --Busy Boys Brigade

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.

Punctuation has been a concept that has come up more frequently for Smiley (7) in our homeschool. As he starts to add more writing practice to his homeschool day, Smiley has been asking me about the correct way to add punctuation to his sentences. Along with a few workbooks and copywork, I added these 3 fun books for learning punctuation.

My boys thrive when learning through fun books.  Textbooks and workbooks have their place in our homeschool, but illustrated books with interesting story lines definitely better grab their attention. My boys remember the stories and find it easier to apply to their own school work.

Punctuation marks can be a bit tricky to learn. A few of the marks look similar. Also, correct identification of each mark can take practice and review. I wanted to give my boys, especially my younger ones, the opportunity to extend their learning fun with these books.

I also created a mini-book to give Smiley more of an introduction and reminder of what each type of punctuation mark is used for. To get your free printable punctuation pack, scroll down!


3 Fun Books For Learning Punctuation

  1.  Punctuation Celebration:  This book is one of our favorite ways to review punctuation. It contains rhyming poems that help kids get a better understanding of how and when to use different punctuation marks. Cute examples help solidify each concept.

2. Punctuation Takes A Vacation:  Here is another fun book that demonstrates the importance of using punctuation in writing. Vibrant illustrations highlight punctuation marks and how they are used by writers to help their readers.


3. Alfie the Apostrophe:  This adorable book takes a closer looks at a variety of punctuation marks. It also shows how apostrophes are used to make contractions and to show possession. A very cute story to help readers remember the importance of different punctuation marks.

Punctuation books printable

These 3 books are helpful for both introducing and reviewing proper use of punctuation in writing. I use all 3 during read-aloud time for all of my boys (ages 1-13).

To extend the learning fun found in these books, I created a free printable mini-book. This book contains a cover plus 11 pages that each contain:

  • example of  mark
  • punctuation word in dashed letters to trace
  • room to practice writing mark
  • sentence about how to use mark

I printed several copies to use with my boys. One copy per boy was used to create a mini-book.

Punctuation Mini-Book Cards



An additional copy was laminated, cut into cards, hole punched, and added on a loose binder ring. This laminated set can be used over and over again for more practice and reference.

free printable My Punctuation Book

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Punctuation Mini-Book download


I pray that these 3 fun books and printable bless your homeschool! Have you read any of these books with your family? What books do you like to read to help your kids learn more about punctuation?

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