Let's Chat About Homeschool Science

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Let's chat about homeschool science is a blog & Periscope series dedicated to homeschoolers helping homeschoolers with curricula choice.

Homeschool science curriculum can be a great topic to chat about for homeschoolers. There are so many amazing homeschool science curricula out there and weeding through them can be a task. First-hand accounts of experiences by other homeschoolers with a specific curricula can be helpful in narrowing down and selecting what may best fit your kids.

Let’s Chat About Homeschool Science is part of a Periscope & blog series for homeschoolers helping homeschoolers. Once a week, a homeschool subject area will be discussed with curricula resources and recommendations given. You can learn more details and subjects by scrolling down.

Since we started our homeschool journey five years ago, the boys have tried a variety of homeschool science curricula. We have dabbled here and there in search of curricula that is not too much or not too little. Also, we seek out homeschool science that fits with our Catholic Christian beliefs.

The boys have used several quality homeschool science curricula. All have had helped the boys learn what is necessary but I have yet to see a spark. I have found-I hope!- the answer to this problem.

All boys will be working on Nature Study. We have a variety of books to use to compliment our outdoor learning adventures. These books include:

Handbook of Nature Study

Pocketful of Pinecones

Captain and Professor will also be working in Christian Kids Explore Chemistry found at Bright Ideas Press. I am eagerly awaiting our start of this fabulous science text + workbook + CD supplement. Stay tuned for a review of this middle school level science!

Smiley will be using Christian Kids Explore Chemistry from Catholic Heritage Curriculum. I had a few homeschool science texts to choose from and this seems to best fit his learning style. I love its gentle yet effective approach to science.


Let's chat about homeschool science is a fabulous series dedicated to homeschoolers helping homeschoolers.

Let's Chat About Homeschool Science

My lovely Periscope viewers and Rock Your Homeschool Facebook group members shared their recommended homeschool science curricula. I hope you find these recommendations to help you have a one-stop place to further investigate homeschool curricula.

Here is the Periscope  broadcast if you would like to catch the replay.

Presented in random order, here are homeschool science recommendations:

Tinker Crate & Kiwi Crate-read review by Dachelle of Hide The Chocolate

Science for the "Unsciency"-great post from Dachelle with more resources on how you can add a spark to your homeschool science

The Body Book-recommended by Jenny of Where Life Is Real. She shared, "THIS BOOK has been AWESOME!!! We have made some super cool models and kids really remember the details about each "part". Highly Recommend."

Exploration Education-Teresa shared this project-based science. It looks incredible!!

Apologia-Sarita shared that anything she has used from Apologia has been great. I know of many homeschool families who swear by this solid homeschool science curricula.

God's Design for Science Curriculum-Betsy shared, "We really have enjoyed this series. So much in there. We've used it for years. You can also buy the books individually."

Berean Builders-Another recommendation by Betsy who shared, "Last year (for part of the year), we used a book in this series. The author used to write for Apologia. This year, we are using this book. "

Science in the Beginning-Jenn shared her review and recommendation of Dr. Jay L. Wile's homeschool science.

Queens Homeschooling Science-Several viewers and group members recommended this homeschool science with high praise.

20 Free Science Websites that make Science Fun & Skittles Science Experiment are two excellent resources shared by Forest of Kingdom First Homeschool.

Bookshark-Recommended by quite a few viewers, I had no idea Bookshark had so many great science resources. Check it out!

Mystery Science-Christina from Thankfully Home loves this homeschool science!

Be Naturally Curious-another fantastic recommendation from Christina (who by the way also loves Usborne books-and is a consultant!)

Van Cleave's Science Fun-Oh my! This site and resources look like such fun!

Steve Spangler Kits-Christina and other homeschoolers that I know in real life highly recommend these science experiments!

Young Science Club-Sarita recommended this resource which includes Magic School Bus kits.

BFSU (Building Foundations for Scientific Understanding)

Let's Find Out...Series-Hilda recommends the older versions. There are lots of great science topics here!

Ivy Kids-subscription kit for math, literacy, and science.

Green Kids Crafts-Amanda from Raising da Vinci

By Design Science

Science Is Simple

Considering God's Creation

Exploring Nature With Children-Christina and Dachelle both recommend this program.

Acorn Naturalists-Lots of great resources and materials for nature study and more + FREE catalog!

Real Science Odyssey

Nature Connection-an outdoor workbook for kids and very affordable!

One Small Square books-"awesome for nature study with little kids"

What homeschool science curriculum do you recommend? Is it on this list?

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