5 Amazing June Books for Kids to Enjoy Together

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Get your summer off to a great start with these amazing June books for kids!

Discover delightful reads that you can enjoy with all ages. Julie shares her June reading suggestions based on her experience as a homeschool mom 🙂

Get a great start to your summer by enjoying these June books for kids.

Jumpstart Your Summer with Awesome June Books for Kids

Enjoy the month of June with books for all ages!

Share the adventures as a family by reading together on the couch or individually on the front porch or bedroom floor. Encourage the love of reading with these books and many more this month!

Mom reading to her two children on picnic blanket on the grass to feature the amazing June books for kids to enjoy

Great Books to Share This June

Summer in the Forest

Written by Rusty Finch, illustrated by Katya Longhi, published by Cottage Door Press
A precious board book with lift-the-flap pages for little ones. Join a mama bear and her cubs as they explore the forest during summertime. Their jaunt takes them past green-leafed trees, bushes in full bloom, and a pond teaming with wildlife. The bear family picnics with blueberry snacks and then ambles back home for an afternoon nap.

Summer in the Forest (Lift-a-flap Surprise)Summer in the Forest (Lift-a-flap Surprise)Summer in the Forest (Lift-a-flap Surprise)

And Then Comes Summer

Written by Tom Brenner, illustrated by Jaime Kim, published by Candlewick Press
The end of school lessons signals the beginning of summer and long, lazy days include flip flops and hide-and-seek, cool lemonade drinks and even colder ice cream snacks. Mid-summer means fireworks and celebrations, too. And don’t forget swimming in the lake, roasting marshmallows, and falling into bed later than usual. Warm temperatures and extra daylight mean plenty of opportunities to have fun and make memories.

And Then Comes SummerAnd Then Comes SummerAnd Then Comes Summer

A Lullaby of Summer Things

Written by Natalie Ziarnik, illustrated by Madeline Valentine, published by Schwartz & Wade.
With lyrical word choice and soft illustrations, the author retells a day at the beach that includes splashing in the waves, watching sailboats pass by, wiggling toes in the sand, and playing catch with the pet puppy. Returning home, there’s just enough time to shake sand out of swimsuits, hang wet towels, climb into pajamas, eat dinner, and play a quick game of hide-and-seek with little puppy. Child and pup are exhausted from the busy day, and after a quick listen to ocean sounds from the inside of a seashell, everyone falls into bed.

A Lullaby of Summer ThingsA Lullaby of Summer ThingsA Lullaby of Summer Things

Cam Jansen and the Summer Camp Mysteries

Written by David A. Adler, illustrated by Joy Allen, published by Puffin Books
A series of books, the Cam Jansen books help kids transition from picture books to chapter books. Mystery solver Cam and her best friend, Eric, are headed to Camp Eagle Lake for the summer, where outdoor activities like swimming, canoeing, and sports keep the kids busy with fun and adventure. And, add a mystery to camp, and it’s a summer that Cam and Eric won’t forget any time soon!

Cam Jansen and the Summer Camp Mysteries (Cam Jansen: A Super Special)Cam Jansen and the Summer Camp Mysteries (Cam Jansen: A Super Special)Cam Jansen and the Summer Camp Mysteries (Cam Jansen: A Super Special)

The Secret Lake

Written by Karen Inglis, published by Well Said Press
A mystery time travel chapter book, The Secret Lake, takes readers along with siblings Stella and Tom through a hidden time travel where they find a secret lake. The mystery begins when the newcomers to London wonder why the neighbor’s dog keeps vanishing, only to reappear soaking wet! Traveling one hundred years in the past, the pair learn startling connections from a time past to present day.

The Secret Lake: A children's mystery adventureThe Secret Lake: A children's mystery adventureThe Secret Lake: A children's mystery adventure

After checking out these books, which June books for kids would you add to this list? Leave your suggestions in the comments area 🙂

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