How to Make Homeschool Kindergarten Science Fun & Amazing

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Kindergarten science is an excellent way to get your child excited about learning. With the right resources and activities, your child will delight in new discoveries and experiences.

Find out how I'm making homeschool Kindergarten science fun and amazing for my youngest boy, despite a busy schedule with large-family demands.

Ignite a lifelong love of learning for your child by making Kindergarten science fun & amazing with BookShark.

Disclaimer:  I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m sharing my honest opinions and was not required to provide a positive review.

How Kindergarten Science Has Become Special In Our Homeschool

After homeschooling for 8+ years, it's hard to believe that I've never used a Kindergarten science curriculum with my boys.

My 2 older boys went to public school for Kindergarten (where science was barely covered). The next 2 boys were exposed to science concepts and activities through books and outside play. And, honestly, I didn't think to include a more formal Kindergarten science (from that lack of coverage in public school 😉 ).

Now that my youngest is Kindergarten age (gasp!), I wanted to make this year of full of learning fun. As the fifth boy in an all-boy family, Xman gets a lot of hand-me-downs. And that includes homeschool curriculum!

Xman never complains about his not-so-gently used clothes or books. He takes it all in stride, eagerly trying to keep up with his older brothers. Xman loves to be included in his older brothers' lessons, especially science.

I knew that Kindergarten science would be the best way to make his homeschool experience extra special. So, I started to search for the curriculum that would fit our needs and budget.

Young boy smiling as he makes a wave with a water bottle of glitter water and BookShark Kindergarten science Instructor\'s Guide to feature how you can easily make Kindergarten Science amazing & fun with the right resources

Our Homeschool Science Requirements-And What Works for Us

BookShark Science was the winner. I did a ton of research and chatted with homeschool friends. This secular curriculum met or exceeded all of my requirements.

Our Kindergarten science needed to be engaging, easy-to-use, and affordable. With our busy schedule and large-family demands, I knew that I wouldn't have time to pull together resources and plans plus actually do the science!

This BookShark Kindergarten science package also include awesome books to make your learn at-home experience excting.

Open-and-go was another big deciding factor. This homeschool mama does not have a lot of time for prep work.

The 4-day recommended schedule was also appealing. A built-in flex day to get caught up on science work, go on a field trip, or travel is always a bonus for our family.

The 4-day week schedule plus amazing resources from BookShark help you make Kindergarten science fun.

I also wanted a secular science curriculum. Although we are a Catholic family, I prefer to keep religion out of our science studies.

The biggest deciding factor was when I showed BookShark's Kindergarten Science package to Xman. I wish I had thought to take a picture of his reaction! He was oohing and aahing over the Science Supplies Kit for Level A (Kindergarten). After watching older brothers with their science labs, Xman wanted his own activities.

Your child will be thrilled to get their BookShark Kindergarten science package filled with amazing resources & a supplies kit!
Xman with his very own science kit! BookShark Kindergarten science has him pumped up about learning.

The Nitty-Gritty of BookShark Kindergarten Science (Level A)

Let's take a closer look at why Xman and I love this Kindergarten Science (Level A) that mixes reading, video, and hands-on activities for superior learning fun.

As a busy homeschool mom, the Instructor's Guide for Level A (see samples by clicking HERE) is an invaluable tool that has everything you need to successfully teach Kindergarten science at home.

The Instructor\'s Guide to BookShark Kindergarten science is an invaluable tool that helps you make this subject engaging and exciting for your child.

This printed pack easily slips into a three-ring binder for simple storage and use. The Instructor's Guide includes:

  • Introduction and tips for using BookShark Level A for your homeschool
  • 36-week recommended schedule
  • Activity sheets (with answer keys)
  • Resources --> booklist, recommendations, supplies list, weekly subject list (awesome for planning field trips and enrichment documentaries)

Your kids will love the hands-on science activities & resources with BookShark Kindergarten science.

My favorite section of the Instructor's Guide is the weekly schedule. Recommended reading, activity sheet questions, and activities are all spaced out for the week so you don't feel overwhelmed.

Plus, you get reminders for what supplies you need for this week AND what to gather for the upcoming week.

You'll love how easy it is to get started & complete engaging science activities with your Kindergartner with BookShark science.

The Optional: Do Together is simply fantastic. When we have a bit of extra time in our homechool week, Xman and I love to dive into these enrichment activities. If our schedule is crammed, we skip these activities and don't worry about it.

The science labs and activities DVD is full of instructional videos with demonstrations & lessons to help you child get a better understanding of these BookShark Kindergarten science activities.

Discover & Do Level A DVD has been a surprising perk from our BookShark Kindergarten science package. Xman prefers hands-on activities so I wasn't sure how he'd react to videos about his science activities.

He LOVES these videos. And the DVD has been perfect for keeping the learning fun going when we homeschool on-the-go.

You'll love how easy it is to get started & complete engaging science activities with your Kindergartner with BookShark science.

I saved our #1 pick from this package for last. The Usborne Children's Encyclopedia included in the package has QR codes that make it super easy to scan and watch supplemental videos.

BookShark Kindergarten science has built-in enrichment to help your child get excited about this subject.

BookShark Kindergarten science magically weaves together Biology, Physics, Zoology, Botany, and Hydrology to spark wonder and curiosity in your young learner.

Boy smiling as he holds 2 books with his BookShark Kindergarten science package to feature how you can easily make Kindergarten science fun and amazing for your child

BookShark Science Program

If you want to make your Kindergarten science experience fun and amazing for your kids, I strongly encourage you to check out BookShark Science. It's an incredible way to ignite a love of learning in your kids.

I'd love to read your questions about or experiences with BookShark Science in the comments area 🙂

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