Life of Fred Butterflies-Chapter 8 Lesson Extensions

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Another installment in our math homeschool learning adventure with Life of Fred! Chapter 8: First, Second is filled with interesting facts-math and non-math related!

Who is Fred? Oh, my friend, you must find out here!

life of fred

Chapter 8 of Life of Fred Butterflies contains such cool concepts as:

  • the three kinds of books
  • ordinal numbers
  • yurts (what?!?!?)
  • addition to 9
  • counting to 35 cents in nickels

Whew! You may be wondering just how all of these concepts relate. If you have not yet had the opportunity to use Life of Fred in your homeschool math, check out Educents for great deals.


Life of Fred Elementary Set


Let's get groovin' with math fun with Life of Fred!

1. Snack:  Graham Cracker squares (review Chapter 7)



2. Ordinal Number Books:  Professor stepped up to demonstrate ordinal numbers using his favorite books.


3. Make a Yurt!:  This activity was definitely a challenge-but doable! If you need help finding a picture of a yurt, look here.  Boys worked as a team to brainstorm about how to build. They are still working on how to attach fabric (we used burlap)...if you have ideas on how to help boys, leave comment below!!


4. Days of Week Letters Graph:  This activity really helped us take a closer look at days of the week plus work on graphing (with a little help!)



5. Addition with Books:  Bear and Skipper created these "books" to use as math manipulatives for addition.


6. How many...nickels?:  Another fun, hands-on activity using How many...nickels? worksheet.


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life of fred

Thanks so much for stopping by! I pray these Life of Fred lesson extensions are helping you and your family further enjoy your math learning adventures!

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