Life of Fred Math Extravaganza!

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Life of Fred math books & dolls on wood table

Has math time become a struggle in your homeschool?

If you want to make math more fun and entertaining while still giving your kids the math skills they need, there's a resource you need to check out.

Let me present to you the math series that solved all of our math struggles...Life of Fred!

Life of Fred math has been an incredible blessing to our homeschool! My boys and I adore the Elementary Math Series and these books have been wonderful investments.

Who is Fred?

Check out the author, Stanley F. Schmidt, and his FAQs for some background on the origin of his books. He also adds an explanation at the beginning of all books, as well as tips for using.

I really can not do justice to describing the main character, Fred Gauss. He is such a lovable, little creature that you just want to wrap up in a hug! I don't want to give any spoilers so you must check this series out!  Schmidt ties all of the books together and helps the reader come to love Fred-all while learning math concepts!

Life of Fred Math is NOT Just for Independent Readers!

After hearing the learning fun his older brothers were having with Life of Fred math, Bear begged me to start reading the books aloud to him. As a pre-reader, he enjoyed these math stories which prompted him to want to learn how to read.

Although it is recommended that kids write down the answers to get the most out of the books, I did a bit of modification. Bear was already used to early writing exposure using Brave Writer's Jot It Down. We continued this approach to his Life of Fred math. Bear is just learning to write and Smiley has a way to go.

Now, Bear is older and a much more independent reader. He's made wonderful progress with his Life of Fred work. Xman (4) is now begging to learn with Fred. I'm so glad that we've had these positive experiences plus the ability to reuse the books! Did I mention that Life of Fred math books are non-consumable?

Our Life of Fred Math Extravaganza!

So, it looks like all five boys will be using Life of Fred math and other resources. Captain (15) and Professor (12) completed the elementary and intermediate series. Professor is using the Pre-Algebra texts and Captain is working in Beginning Algebra.

Smiley (9) and Bear (7) learned to read with Fred and Kingie using Life of Fred Early Readers. Both boys are also using books from the elementary series. And Xman has been along for the ride, chomping at the bit for his chance to dive into the world of Fred.

It's a Life of Fred Math Extravaganza! Find out why our homeschool loves using these resources to make math fun & engaging.

Extending the Learning Fun with Life of Fred Math

To enhance the learning fun with Life of Fred math, I created resources to add hands-on and interactive ways to boost Life of Fred Apples (the first book in the series) and Life of Fred Butterflies. These lesson extensions contain extra activities, crafts, songs, and more to strengthen understanding of the presented concepts.

Stay tuned for more Life of Fred lesson extensions!

I've been asked if Life of Fred math is just for homeschoolers. Goodness, no!  I firmly believe that all children and their families can benefit from the fun approach to math that Dr. Stanley Schmidt as created. Homeschooler or not-this math series rocks!!

Join me in our exciting learning adventures with Life of Fred Math!

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