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Easy Snowman Craft & Song For Winter Fun

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Here is an adorable and easy snowman craft & song to do with your kids this winter! Great activity for including art, music, reading, & basic math. Includes FREE printable pack to extend the learning fun with snowmen! Find this and other learning resources at rockyourhomeschool.net

I have found that it is helpful to have a few easy and fun activities to do with my little ones during the winter months. It can get very cold here in Western Pennsylvania and unsafe to play outdoors for too long. Hands-on crafts and storytimes are great ways to keep your kids engaged and have some learning fun, too.

This Easy Snowman Craft & Song For Winter Fun is an awesome way to add art, music, reading, and basic math to your family learning fun. I created this free printable Learning Fun With Snowmen pack to help us include these activities.

Here are 5 Little Snowmen created with the easy snowman craft for winter fun for kids.

Easy Snowman Craft

You probably have most, if not all, of these supplies in your craft supplies. The jingle bells add a musical touch to your craft. Kids love to use while singing songs and practicing beats. Suggested materials for this snowman craft include:

This easy snowman craft for storytime fun and more only needs simple materials.
Trace two different sized circles onto white cardstock.

  1. On white cardstock, trace and cut out one large and one small circle.
  2. Cut out hat on black or other color cardstock.
  3. Glue the large circle onto a craft stick. Glue small circle at top of the large circle.
  4. Glue hat onto the top of the small circle.

    Try this easy snowman craft for winter fun with your kids.
    Punch two holes into the snowman's hat.
  5. Use hole punch for two holes in the center of hat.

    Add jingle bell to pipe cleaner and insert into holes.
    Add jingle bell to the pipe cleaner and insert into holes.
  6. Cut pipe cleaner into 2" strips. Add jingle bell (or two) and position into the center of pipe cleaner. Insert ends of the pipe cleaner into holes and twist. Cut off excess pipe cleaner.
  7. Select and add a glitter washi tape to use for a scarf.
  8. Cut orange washi tape into a small rectangle for snowman nose.
  9. Add eyes, smile, and buttons with black marker.

Great Snowman Books For Storytime

Snowman books are a hit with many kids in winter. Here are a few of my boys' favorites for our homeschool storytime:

Snowmen At Night

Snowmen At Play

The Biggest Snowman Ever

The Itsy Bitsy Snowman
(great board book for little ones!)

There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!

100 Snowmen
(great way to add some math fun to your storytime!)

(super cute ideas on how to use found objects to make a snow family!)

The Missing Mitten Mystery

The Snowman Storybook

Five Little Snowmen


Free Printable:  5 Little Snowmen Storytime Song

The boys and I started singing this song while we worked on this snowman craft. I thought it would be fun to turn into a free printable for all to enjoy. Click on the image below to subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool for weekly updates, exclusive access to free resources, and monthly challenges to help your rock your homeschool (and family life). You will receive a password to access all free subscriber freebies plus receive a weekly email with homeschool tips, encouragement, and more!

Here is a free printable pack to add to the learning fun with this easy snowman craft.

What are some of your favorite snowmen books to enjoy with your family? 

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