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Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo Game Your Kids Will Love (Free)

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Enjoy easy fun with kids using this free printable Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo Game!

These activities are awesome ways to boost classroom, library, parties, homeschool, and family fun.

Find out more and get your free printable Dr. Seuss-Inspired game today!

Have a blast with kids using this free printable Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo Game.

Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo Game for Special Celebrations

There are so many awesome ways to have learning fun with Dr. Seuss! I love creating new resources to add to this list. And make sure to get this Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo Game that's great for celebrating all things Seuss 🙂

My five boys and I have a blast reading Dr. Seuss books. His characters are like old friends in our home. We love to find and create activities to boost our learning fun with Dr. Seuss.

One of our favorite family and homeschool games is bingo. Smiley (8) suggested that we play a Dr. Seuss version of our favorite game. We had just finished reading Fox in Socks (for about the 553rd time!).

With Read Across America (a.k.a. Dr. Seuss Day) coming up on March 2, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to put this Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo Game together with some of our favorite characters.

Have fun with Dr. Seuss characters! This printable Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo game is awesome for family & homeschool fun plus parties and classrooms.

Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo Game for Fun with Kids

If you aren't familiar with Dr. Seuss books and characters, I highly encourage you to check out these books (no matter what your age!):

Once familiar with these characters, you can use them to talk with your kids about different personalities, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and many more life lessons.

My boys and I have had countless conversations about Dr. Seuss characters and their strengths and weaknesses. It's through these chats that we have come to love these stories.

To keep the learning fun with Dr. Seuss going, I made this game by modifying the traditional approach to bingo. It's still tons of fun and fits the Read Across America theme even better!

cover of Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo Game printable pack on red background and Dr. Seuss-Inspired bingo game cards on dark wood desk

Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo Game

This bingo game uses R-E-A-D instead of B-I-N-G-O. I like that extra bit of motivation to drop everything and read 😉

Pictures of characters from the book are used in place of numbers or words. This game is visual so great for even pre-readers to play.

Suggested use of this printable game:

  • Print & laminate all pages.
  • Cut READ boards & calling cards.
  • Each player gets one READ board.
  • Place R-E-A-D calling cards in one deck & character cards in another.
  • Draw one READ card & one character card at the same time.
  • Mark calling card chart when a character & R-E-A-D combination is drawn.
  • Use bingo chips or other types of marker. (We used Hershey's® Kisses!)
  • Winner is the first to complete R-E-A-D pattern or by an agreed-upon pattern.
  • Optional:  prizes for winner(s) or extra read-aloud time of a Dr. Seuss book
This free printable Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo game is sure to be a hit with kids! Enjoy at parties, in classrooms, with family, and for homeschool fun.

This free printable pack includes 11 pages with:

  • 8 pages (4 boards on each with 2 blank boards) of 30 R-E-A-D boards
  • 2 pages of calling cards with characters plus R-E-A-D
  • 1 page of calling card record sheet (to help you keep track of what card matches you have done)
This free Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo Game is a delightful way to enjoy special fun with kids. Great for celebrating Dr. Seuss Day or any day of the year.

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Woman holding R-E-A-D calling cards for free Dr. Seuss Bingo Game for fantastic fun with kids

TAP HERE or on the image below to get started with your Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo Game Kids Will Love!

Have a blast with your kids and these Dr. Seuss characters! This Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo game is great for classrooms, parties, family, & homeschool fun.

How will you enjoy this Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo Game with kids?

More Fun and Free Dr. Seuss Activities

Woman holding free printable Dr. Seuss bingo card and Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat eraser with bingo cards and markers on wood background


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  1. I have a 4 and 2 1/2 year old Granddaughters and this this would be a fun game to play with them, also can read the books to them

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