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Super Fun Spring Science Experiments to Enjoy with Your Kids

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There are SO many amazing ways to enjoy fun Spring science experiments with your kids this year!

Get ready for some special science fun for kids with these activities and projects with Spring themes.

Take your learning fun to the next level and easily make this Spring rock 🎉

Make the most of this special time of year with these super fun Spring Science Experiments.

Spring Is a Perfect Time to Enjoy Science Fun for Kids

WooHoo! Spring is such an amazing time of year to experience science fun with your kids.

You can easily build on the excitement of the new things growing. So much growth and it feels like a fresh start!

Of course, it helps that the weather is getting warmer and brighter in most areas, too 😉

Plus, you have a variety of cool themes to base your science fun on.

Spring science fun sounds great, doesn't it?

But, who has time to look for and plan all of these Spring science experiments?

Psst! I've got a secret that you're gonna love...Home Science Tools has this fantastic (and FREE) pack of 42 Spring Science Experiments!

Science Fun with Special Spring Holidays & Fun Days

I'm featuring this free pack of 42 Spring Science Experiments because it's such an easy way to actually make science happen at home.

With 5 boys to homeschool plus a crazy busy Spring soccer season, I need to have open-and-go type of plans and activities for learning fun. And I've found that science activities and projects like these experiments are the best way to slow down and boost learning at home.

We LOVE to celebrate holidays and fun days in our homeschool. So, I'm super excited to add these science experiments with Spring holidays and fun days themes:

  • Make Green Eggs and Ham for Dr. Seuss Day Fun
  • St. Patrick's Day Color Changing Flowers
  • Make a Rainbow for St. Patrick's Day Fun (also fabulous for Find a Rainbow Day on April 3)
  • How to Make a Balloon Car (awesome activity for Balloon Day on March 30)
  • Egg science experiments for Easter Fun (there are SO many fantastic activities in this pack, like Disappearing Eggshell and Fizzing Easter Egg Dye)
  • Celebrate Gardening Day (April 14) with Spring science experiments like Mini Flower Garden and Watch Seeds Sprout
  • Add this Recycled Seed Starter Project to your Earth Day celebration (April 22)
Rainbow of flowers & butterfly on flower to feature the amazing learning fun you'll have with your kids using these Spring science experiments

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Science Experiments for Rainy Day Fun

Don't let a rainy day get you down! Have some simple yet super fun Spring science experiments ready to go 😊

These types of science activities are brilliant boredom busters that sneak in learning fun.

You probably have most of the suggested supplies in your home. After you get your free 42 Spring Science Experiments pack, make note of which materials you'll need to pick up or order so you'll be all set when a rainy day appears.

Your kids will love science rainy day fun like:

  • Making ice cream in a bag
  • Kitchen science with homemade whipped cream
  • Foamy Flask (a.k.a. Elephant Toothpaste)
  • Epsom salt crystals
  • Night Eyes experiment (wonderful activity for helping kids experience how nocturnal animals see in the dark)
Child watering a seedling with their hand to feature the awesome learning fun you'll have with your kids using these Spring science experiments

Nature-Based Learning Fun with Spring Science Experiments

Bring your science fun outdoors! 

Spring is an amazing time of year for observation and investigation.

Enjoy themes with Bugs and Worms, Plants, and Animals in this free 42 Spring Science Experiments pack.

A few of the nature-based science activities that I'm planning on enjoying with my boys this Spring are:

  • Smelling Bee Activity
  • Lady Bug Investigation
  • Make a Butterfly Feeder (this activity was already on our Spring bucket list!)
  • Build a Wormery (I think the boys are most excited about this one)
  • Dissecting a Flower
  • Make a Human Sundial

Reminder:  This FREE 42 Spring Science Experiments from Home Science Tools has ALL of these ideas (and more!) to make it easy to plan and prep for science fun for your kids 😊

What type of science fun will you have with your kids this Spring? How can this free pack help?

Boy using colorful solution in beaker to make colorful balloons inflate to feature the fantastic learning fun at home you\'ll have with these Spring science experiments
Water droplets on slide, child with blue gloves on taking soil sample, and  SCIENCE in rainbow of construction paper letters with children holding variety of science-themed objects

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