10 Awesome Ways to Have Fun with Green Eggs and Ham

Extend the learning fun with Green Eggs and Ham, a classic book by Dr. Seuss. You’ll find fantastic ideas and resources for enjoying this book with your kids. 

Extend the learning fun with Dr. Seuss! Here are 10 awesome ways to have fun with Green Eggs and Ham book.

Amazing Dr. Seuss Book to Enjoy with Kids

This book by Dr. Seuss is such fun for kids! There are so many activities that you can use to enjoy this book with kids. You’ll find some of my favorite ways to keep the learning fun going in the list below 🙂

The book is great for new readers who are working on building their reading confidence. My boys have enjoyed reading this book to practice sight words and more. Plus, the rhymes and silly situations can be fun to chat about.

I like to get my boys talking about the characters and silly situations. These conversations often include growth mindset concepts like trying new things, patience, and persistence.

Here are free printables, activities, games, and crafts that I have found that my boys and I love.

Paper plate holding playdough green eggs and ham and the classic Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham, to feature fun ways to extend the learning fun with this book


Extend the Learning Fun with This Dr. Seuss Book

Green Eggs and Ham Resource Pack (Grammarman Comic):  Free printable pack with ideas for games and activities to extend the learning fun with this favorite book.

Green Eggs and Ham Letter Match (M is for Monster):  Free printable that you can use to customize learning fun for your kids. Use to practice letters, numbers, sight words, and more!

Would You Eat It? Printable Activity (Sunny Day Family):  Free printable activity pack with super fun ideas for talking about “Would You Eat It?”.

Fizzing Green Eggs Science (Preschool Powol Packets):  Awesome science activity to do with your kids to extend the learning fun with this book.

Green Eggs and Ham Game (The Frugal Navy Wife):  Here’s a fun game with this book’s theme. Includes DIY instructions for making the game pieces.

White paper plate with green playdough ham & white playdough eggs with green slime & orange plastic fork & knife with Green Eggs and Ham book by Dr. Seuss to feature fun ways to extend the learning fun with this classic book

Green Eggs and Ham Egg Hunt (obSEUSSed):  Have a special Dr. Seuss-Inspired hunt that includes matching rhyming words is a fabulous way to celebrate this book.

Green Eggs and Ham Paper Plate Craft (Glued to My Crafts):  My boys love this fun craft idea that’s easy to make. Great prop for read-aloud time!

Green Eggs and Ham Bingo (I Dig Pinterest):  Free printable bingo game that you can customize for special learning fun.

Green Eggs and Ham Maze (HaleGrafx):  Give your kids a bit of a challenge as they help Sam I Am solve this free printable maze.

Green Eggs and Ham Sight Word Game (Mommy Lessons 101):  Free printable pieces to create a customized sight words game.

Fun Resources to Enjoy with Green Eggs and Ham 

Here are a few fun resources that you can also use to keep the learning fun going and get your kids talking about this book:

Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook: Recipes Inspired by Dr. Seuss
Ravensburger Dr. Seuss: Green Eggs & Ham Floor Puzzle (60 Piece)
Eureka Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Window Clings (836078)

Which of these activities will you use to extend the learning fun with this popular Dr. Seuss book?
Please share your ideas in the comments area below 🙂

More Awesome Ways to Have Fun with Dr. Seuss & Friends!

Looking for more learning fun with Dr. Seuss? You’ll love these free printable resources found here on Rock Your Homeschool:

These Dr. Seuss-Inspired Cootie Catchers are great fun with kids! With prompts to get you moving, these free printables are great for classrooms, parties, family, & homeschool.

 2 Free Dr. Seuss-Inspired Cootie Catchers for Fun Activities

Have Dr. Seuss-Inspired Fun with this free printable bingo game.

 Free Dr. Seuss-Inspired Bingo Game Your Kids Will Love

  Free Dr. Seuss-Inspired Printable Pack for Amazing Learning Fun

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