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5 Cool Thanksgiving Science Experiments Kids Will Love

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Keep your kids busy this holiday with 5 Cool Thanksgiving Science Experiments Kids Will Love! Great ideas for keeping kids busy on Thanksgiving or any day of the year.


Rock Your Homeschool loves to share easy and exciting ways to enjoy learning fun with your kids. Erica of Rosie Research shares these fantastic Thanksgiving Science Experiments that can keep your kids busy while you prepare for the holiday (or any time of year!)

Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us (or at least it is sneaking up on me) and that means my to-do list is about two miles long. Juggling the grocery list, prepping for family, and keeping the kids entertained is always a big task. This year I have a plan, one that is fun and educational! I am hoping that having my kids engaged in fun Thanksgiving science activities will help reduce my stress and keep little hands off of all the plates until it is time to eat.

I am always trying to mix learning styles and topics, so it is no surprise that all of these Thanksgiving science activities use a lot of gross motor skills and combine art, history, writing, engineering, mixing, and modifying. Each activity kept my little ones busy for about 30 minutes, so put them all together and you have an easy couple hour breather to really focus on that pumpkin pie!

5 Cool Thanksgiving Science Experiments to do at Home

  1. Calibrate your oven with sugar glass

    This is a delicious (but definitely not nutritious) way to learn about phase transitions (like how ice melts, but tastier and more useful).

  2. Learn the tablecloth trick

    Don't break out your fine china for this one. Once kids have mastered this fun activity, they will have a grand time. Just make sure they know not to show the family after the table is set with all the fixings!

  3. Mix up dancing corn

    All you need is soda water and popcorn kernels, although letting your kids mix in their own baking soda and vinegar adds a whole new element.

  4. Engineer pilgrim houses or ships

    A bag of cranberries and a box of toothpicks will take on a whole new light as your kids engineer all sorts of fun buildings.

  5. Write a secret message

    Everyone loves a good secret. Learn to write in an invisible ink so you can relay secret spice routes to your friends.



Which one of these Thanksgiving science experiments did you love the best? We would love to hear how they went for you!

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Meet Dr. Erica, founder of Rosie Research. Enjoy these 5 cool Thanksgiving science experiments kids will love!

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