The Crayon Box That Talked Activities: 20+ Fun Ways to Enjoy This Book

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Welcome to the vibrant world of The Crayon Box That Talked activities!

Immerse yourself in the colorful adventure inspired by Shane DeRolf's beloved children's book.

Unleash creativity with your kids as you embark on a journey with a diverse set of crayons, each with a unique personality.

Variety of The Crayon Box That Talked activities for kids to enjoy with this popular book.

So Many Ways to Extend the Fun with The Crayon Box That Talked!

Looking for creative ways to enjoy The Crayon Box That Talked, a brilliant book for kids of all ages?

My boys and I have so many delightful memories reading and sharing this book. The story features a box of crayons that highlight each color's importance, as well as how their strengths magnify when they work together. It's led to many special coloring activities that we've shared together.

Free printable crayons and pages with crayons & The Crayon Box that Talked book to feature how these free printable activities can help you extend the learning fun for kids

I'm sharing these The Crayon Box That Talked activities to help you engage in hands-on crafts, encouraging children to express themselves through art, fostering teamwork and acceptance.

Dive into interactive storytelling sessions, igniting imaginations while exploring the power of unity. These activities enhance fine motor skills and teach valuable life lessons about embracing differences.

Join us in this imaginative exploration, where every stroke creates a masterpiece of learning and fun 🖍

⭐️ Back to School Slime with Glue and Crayons 

Dive into the whimsical world of creativity as you concoct Back to School Slime with Glue and Crayons, blending vibrant hues and playful textures for an interactive, sensory-rich back-to-school delight.

⭐️ Melted Crayon Rocks

Transform ordinary rocks into vibrant masterpieces with Melted Crayon Rocks, a captivating craft that melds colorful crayon wax, creating a mesmerizing fusion of art and nature.

⭐️ Craft Stick Crayon Craft 

Ignite imaginative flair with the Craft Stick Crayon Craft, where ordinary craft sticks become a canvas for colorful self-expression, encouraging creativity and hands-on artistic exploration.

⭐️ Crayon Recycling Dinosaur Craft 

Embark on an eco-friendly adventure by crafting a Crayon Recycling Dinosaur, breathing new life into old crayons and transforming them into delightful prehistoric creatures that blend creativity with sustainability.

⭐️ Handprint Box of Crayons Craft 

Capture cherished memories with the Handprint Box of Crayons Craft, a heartwarming activity where little hands become a canvas, forming a colorful box of handprint crayons that serves as a unique keepsake.

⭐️ Simple Name Craft

Foster early literacy skills and creative expression with the Simple Name Crayon Craft, a personalized endeavor where young learners transform the letters of their names into vibrant, hands-on works of art.

⭐️ Crayon Template 

Make your own colorful crayons with the help of this Printable Crayon Template!

⭐️ Mini Crayon Wallet 

Fashion a pocket-sized burst of color and creativity with the Mini Crayon Wallet, a delightful accessory that turns everyday moments into imaginative adventures, allowing artistry to be carried anywhere.

⭐️ Cardboard Roll Crayon Craft 

Upcycle cardboard rolls into whimsical creations with the Cardboard Roll Crayon Craft, a delightful project that combines recycling with artistic ingenuity, turning simple materials into colorful crayon-inspired wonders.

Variety of creative ideas for The Crayon Box That Talked activities to extend the learning fun with this popular book.

⭐️ Toilet Paper Roll Crayons

Give new life to discarded toilet paper rolls as you embark on the whimsical journey of creating Toilet Paper Roll Crayons, transforming household items into vibrant, eco-friendly art supplies.

⭐️ How to Make Crayon Play Dough 

Unlock a world of sensory delight by learning How to Make Crayon Play Dough, infusing this classic dough with a kaleidoscope of colors, turning ordinary playtime into a vibrant and imaginative experience.

⭐️ Fun Watercolor Resist Art Idea Using Crayons

Explore the enchanting blend of mediums with the Fun Watercolor Resist Art Idea Using Crayons, where the waxy magic of crayons meets the fluid allure of watercolors, resulting in a captivating masterpiece that defies conventional artistic boundaries.

⭐️ Popsicle Stick Crayon Craft 

Unleash a world of creativity and nostalgia with the Popsicle Stick Crayon Craft, where colorful popsicle sticks form a whimsical arrangement, turning a classic childhood pastime into a vibrant and imaginative art project.

⭐️ How to Make Your Own Scratch Art with Crayons

Embark on a hands-on artistic adventure as you discover How to Make Your Own Scratch Art with Crayons, transforming plain surfaces into hidden masterpieces through the delightful combination of vibrant crayon colors and the thrill of revealing the art beneath.

⭐️ Melted Crayon Dot Heart 

Craft a heartfelt masterpiece with the Melted Crayon Dot Heart, where vibrant hues converge in a mesmerizing fusion, creating a stunning and colorful expression of love through the enchanting art of melted crayon dots.

⭐️ Milk Carton Crayon Ice Candles 

Transform recycled milk cartons into enchanting luminaries with the Milk Carton Crayon Ice Candles, a creative and eco-friendly endeavor that infuses vibrant crayon colors into the ice, casting a warm and colorful glow upon each handmade candle.

⭐️ DIY Crayon Headband Craft 

Elevate personal style with the DIY Crayon Headband Craft, where vibrant crayon-inspired adornments create a whimsical and colorful accessory, adding a playful touch to any outfit.

⭐️ Ending Sounds Crayon Box Sorts

Engage young learners in a literacy adventure with Ending Sounds Crayon Box Sorts. In this educational activity, children explore and categorize words based on their ending sounds, transforming language skills into a colorful and interactive learning experience.

⭐️ Colorful Crayon Picture Frame Kids' Craft 

Encourage young artists to showcase their creativity with the Colorful Crayon Picture Frame Kids' Craft. This vibrant and hands-on project transforms ordinary frames into kaleidoscopic masterpieces, capturing and framing memories with a burst of color.

⭐️ Crayon Colors Printable Craft

Embark on a colorful learning journey with the Crayon Colors Printable Craft, an engaging activity that combines artistic expression and educational exploration, allowing children to associate and learn about different hues in a visually delightful way.

Variety of cute and creative The Crayon Box That Talked activities to extend the learning fun with this popular book.

Creative The Crayon Box That Talked Activities for Kids

High five! You're on your way to easily extending the learning fun with this powerful book for kids.

Which of these The Crayon Box That Talked activities will you try first with your students? Do you have more ideas to add to this list? Please share in the comments area at the bottom of this post 😊

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