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Free Printable Activities for The Crayon Box That Talked

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Would you like some fun activities to use with the amazing book The Crayon Box That Talked? Check out these awesome printables and find out how to get your free pack today!


Check out these free printable activities to use with The Crayon Box That Talked.


The Crayon Box that Talked is a fabulous book for teaching kids the importance of tolerance and cooperation.

Written by Shane DeRolf, this children's book imparts valuable life lessons through an engaging storyline. The use of familiar objects like crayons strengthens how easily children can relate to and process these lessons.

I often pull this book off our shelves when my boys start bickering and nitpicking.  While homeschooling is a blessing for our family, almost constant contact with family members can set the stage for regular quarrels. A small incident, like a raised eyebrow or slight criticism, can send one or more of my boys into moods.

When these moods strike, look out!  Our entire homeschool is affected, pulled down into a negative spiral of "He looked at me funny!" and "Ouch! He just took my toy!" (Yes, ouch-my boys can be a bit dramatic and conjure up fictitious injuries for a bit of sympathy.)

Overall, my boys get along well with each other. They will even say that they are best friends. But, geez, they can fight like cats and dogs!

As a busy homeschool mom, I prefer not to be a referee in my home. I do my best to nip those nasties in the bud.


The Crayon Box That Talked book and cover to free printable pack of activities for this book and crayon story props and crayons on white background

Books for Learning Fun & Learning Activities

Books often do the trick in helping me teach important lessons. At least two or three times a week in our Morning Gathering time, we read from Aesop's Fables for the valuable morals. We also make it a point to use our Big Life Journal resources to boost our learning time.

Despite my best efforts, the boys still have their moments. When the bickering increases, I know it's time to pull out an old favorite 😉

It's time to take out The Crayon Box that Talked!

My boys sit down to listen to this story about how a little girl helps a crayon box figure out its issues. This book is amazing for helping kids see the importance of accepting others despite differences, as well as working together.

The Crayon Box that Talked is a fantastic book to help kids learn about tolerance and cooperation. Try these crafts and free printable activities to extend the learning fun!


The Crayon Box that Talked-Crafts & Activities

To solidify these lessons, the boys and I worked on these two crafts.  Hands-on and frugal, these crafts helped bring the lessons to life. They were also great ways to introduce and practice colors to toddlers.

Crafts & free printable activities to go with The Crayon Box that Talked.

This printable pack includes:

  • directions for completing 2 crafts
  • color crayons to cut out for story props or hands-on practice (glue to woodcraft sticks for fun!)
  • black & white crayons to color and use as above
  • drawing or writing prompt page based on the story
  • mini-book for learning colors and color words


The Crayon Box that Talked book, crayons, & free printable activities to feature how you can extend the learning fun with this popular book


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The Crayon Box that Talked is a wonderful book for teaching kids about cooperation and tolerance. Get your free download of activities and crafts!


How can this book and these activities help your kids?


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