Valentine's Day Games for Kids: Easy Ideas for Holiday Fun

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These Valentine’s Day games for kids are incredible ideas for a fun and interactive experience. You'll love being able to celebrate Valentine's Day in a playful and engaging way.

Your children will love this mix of classic favorites like Valentine’s Day Bingo and Don’t Eat Pete with creative ideas, like the heart toss game. There's something for every child to enjoy 🥰️

Valentine's Day games for kids like Valentine's Day scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, and heart cup toss game.

Super Fun Valentine's Day Games for Kids

Looking for simple yet fun ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your children? You'll love these ideas!

As a mom of 5 boys, I've often found it difficult to find ways to celebrate this holiday with all of its pinks, purples, and "lovey dovey" stuff (as my youngest likes to call it 😉).

Games have been outstanding ways to get my boys engaged and even excited about Valentine's Day. These types of activities have been terrific ways for us to spend special time together, connect, AND celebrate the holiday.

Here are some super cool Valentine's Day games that we'll be enjoying - and hope you do, too 😘

Examples of Valentine's Day games for kids like Valentine conversation heart bingo game, Don't Eat Pete, Valentine's scavenger hunt, and treasure hunt game.
Free printable Valentine's Day scavenger hunt that kids can color by Rock Your Homeschool.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt for Kids for Super Holiday Fun (Free)

A Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt is a super fun holiday activity for kids. You can use this free printable scavenger hunt in a variety of ways. It’s perfect for parties, fun at home, and more! Find out more about how you can easily boost the fun with this scavenger hunt for kids.

Free printable Valentine's Day treasure hunt game for kids by Rock Your Homeschool.

Valentine’s Day Game for Kids for Super Holiday Fun (Free Printable)

This Valentine’s Day game for kids is an awesome interactive way to celebrate the holiday. You’ll have a blast with this free printable treasure hunt-style game with Valentine’s Day themes. Plus, you can play it again and again! Find out more about this creative game and get your free set today.

Free printable set of Valentine's Bingo game by Rock Your Homeschool.

Free Valentine’s Day Bingo Game for Special Holiday Fun

This free Valentine’s Day Bingo Game is such an easy yet cool way to enjoy special holiday fun with your kids. With cute Valentine’s Day themes, you’ll have a blast playing this simple game. Get your free set today plus check out these creative ideas for extending the fun (including an extra game to play!).

Free printable Valentine's Day word search by Rock Your Homeschool.

Valentine's Day Word Search

Get ready for some awesome Valentine's Day fun with this free printable word search.

It's a simple, print-and-go activity that your students will enjoy.

Valentine's Day would you rather questions by The Best Ideas for Kids.

Valentine’s Day Would You Rather by The Best Ideas for Kids

Spice up your Valentine's Day with some laughter and friendly debates! This collection of 25 fun and silly "Would You Rather" questions is perfect for asking friends, classmates, and family members. Plus, there are two different options to choose from.

Heart Catcher Cup and Ball Game by Homan at Home

This easy-to-make Valentine’s Day game for kids takes less than 15 minutes to create, and the fun never ends once they start playing. Not only is it a cost-effective option, but it also helps enhance their hand-eye coordination skills.

Heart Toss Game with paper mache boxes and felt hearts by Simply Designing.

Heart Toss Game by Simply Designing

Grab some heart-shaped paper mache boxes and make DIY felt hearts for this next Valentine’s Day game. This game is a simple and fun activity that kids will love.

Valentine's Day Don't Eat Pete game by The Benson Street.

Valentine’s Don’t Eat Pete by The Benson Street

Don’t Eat Pete is a simple game that kids of all ages will enjoy. Grab the free Valentine’s Day version of this game to get started.

Examples of DIY Valentines escape room free printables by Hands On Teaching Ideas.

DIY Valentines Escape Room with Free Printables by Hands On Teaching Ideas

Break free from the ordinary this Valentine's Day with this DIY Valentines escape room. Transform your home into a captivating puzzle-filled adventure with the free printables. Gather your loved ones, put your problem-solving skills to the test, and create unforgettable memories together.

Examples of free printable Valentine's Day gnome activity set by Fun Crafts Kids.

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Gnome Activity Set by Fun Crafts Kids

Unlock a world of Valentine's Day fun with this free printable gnome activity set featuring bingo, sudoku, word search, coloring pages, and more. The set offers hours of entertainment.

Valentine's Day roll and cover mat by Little Ladoo.

Valentine Roll and Cover Mat by Little Ladoo

This Valentine roll and cover mat offers a learning opportunity with a twist of Valentine's Day fun. Engage in exciting roll and cover games that enhance numeral recognition, counting, and basic math skills. Download the free printable mat to get started.

Free printable Valentine's Day I-Spy page by In the Playroom.

Free Printable Valentines I-Spy Page by In the Playroom

Treat your little ones to a fun Valentine’s Day challenge with this free printable I-Spy page. See how many Valentine's Day pictures they can find and color in this interactive activity.

Pin the Arrow on the Heart Valentine's Day game by Simply Designing.

Pin the Arrow on the Heart Valentines Game by Simply Designing

Get ready to take aim at love with this Valentine's Day-themed Pin the Arrow on the Heart Valentines game! It's a fun twist on the classic pin-the-tail on the donkey that will have everyone feeling the love.

Valentine's Day conversation heart bingo game by Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Free Printable Valentine Conversation Heart Bingo by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Here is another printable option for Valentine’s Day Bingo. This Valentine conversation heart bingo has a fun design based around the popular holiday candy. Use conversation hearts as markers for a fun and unique twist.

Examples of Valentine's Day games for kids like heart toss, Don't Eat Pete, Valentine's Day conversation heart bingo, and heart cup toss.

More Ideas for Valentine's Day Games for Kids

Here are more ways to have fun with your Valentine's Day celebration. Hope these eight creative ideas are a big hit with your children:

1. DIY Valentine’s Day Craft Station: Let their creativity flow with a crafting station featuring all things love!

2. Valentine’s Day Charades: Act out love-themed phrases and keep the laughter going.

3. Love Potion Station: Create magical love potions with a variety of colorful and tasty ingredients.

4. Heart Balloon Pop: Each balloon holds a special note or activity for the kids to enjoy.

5. Pin the Heart on Cupid: A Valentine's twist on the classic party game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

6. Musical Hearts: A lively game of musical chairs with a heartwarming twist.

7. Valentine’s Day Costume Parade: Encourage kids to dress up in their favorite love-themed costumes for a festive parade.

8. Heart-Shaped Piñata: End the celebration with a bang as kids take turns breaking open a heart-shaped piñata filled with treats.

Examples of Valentine's Day games for kids like Don't Eat Pete, heart toss, Valentine's Day scavenger hunt, and treasure hunt.

With this mix of games, your Valentine's Day celebration is sure to be a hit with your kids. 🥰️ Let the laughter, joy, and love fill the air as you create wonderful memories together!

What Valentine's Day games for kids would you add to this list? Please share your ideas in the comments area at the bottom of this post 😊

Examples of Valentine's Day games for kids like Valentine's Would You Rather questions, Valentine conversation heart bingo, and heart cup toss game.

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