How To Guard Your Homeschool Time As A Working Homeschool Mom

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Get great tips from an experienced working homeschool mom on how to guard your precious homeschool time.


Do you ever have a saying that you often say but wish you didn’t? There is a saying here that goes, “It is what it is”.

Which basically means you can’t control what is going on and it is going to happen anyway, so why bother trying.

I find myself saying this. And yet, I hate this saying. In a sense, it feels like you are giving up, you can't  do anything about it anyway, so why try?

As homeschooling moms we all have a schedule, whether you write it down in a planner or go by the seat of your pants. We all have a list of things we must do. Add in a working homeschool mom and that list just doubled in size.

Juggling that endless list can seem sometimes out of your control!

Things come up, company arrives, emergencies happen. Many different things can interrupt the routine or schedule you have.

Is there a way to guard our homeschool time? The time we set aside for learning?

Can we plan for some of these things that might happen? Or are these an ”it is what it is kind” of situation? Are they completely out of our control?

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As an avid planner I want to share what is currently working for me and my family, how we plan and guard our homeschool time, because as we know time is precious.

Realize it is a challenge to find time to do everything we need to do.

First step is to set priorities, what needs to be done and what can be set aside for another time.

How many hours do you need? When is the best time to do this for you and your family?

For example, what if a homeschool priority is for your child to be able to read well? You might plan to read together each day. You would plan this in the morning, before anything else has a chance to interfere. See how that helps? Now should something come up, chances are you have that priority taken care of. Success!

The next thing we need to do is recognize the dangers that can interfere with our homeschool time. We mentioned some of them in the beginning but let's take a closer look.

Company drops in: This one is kind of out of our control, or is it? Have we let our family and friends know of our homeschool routine? If we have set times to learn, can we ask them to visit before or after, reminding them that as much as we love to visit we are unavailable at this time?

Doing this can help guard our homeschool time.

Get great tips from an experienced working homeschool mom on how to guard your precious homeschool time.


Emergencies: This one is out of our control, but can we plan for them anyway?

Some homeschoolers, like myself, include a free day in our weekly schedule. This is a day we can use to make up any missed schooling that got interrupted during the planned school.

I also have a half school day scheduled. This is a day of subjects that my children can do independent work, where they do not need me sitting right beside them. We also have 3 full days where we work from 7:30-3:30 depending on the day. During this time I am available to them for any help, subjects where I am needed.

Have a list of work that can be done on the go. Homeschooling is flexible and somethings can be done in the car, (think audiobooks) at appointments (reading, workbooks, online work with tablets) and outside.

Use what works for you and your family. You know your children best and you  know your schedule. You can guard your homeschool time by setting boundaries and planning well.

Do you have great tips for dealing with the unexpected? I would love to hear about them!

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