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5 FREE Fall-Themed Work Mats for Sight Words (+ more!)

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Fall-Themed Sight Words

Smiley and Bear continue to work on learning sight words. As promised, here are some more hands-on ways my boys learn these special words.

Initially, I planned this post to feature 3 more fun and frugal ways to learn sight words, but decided to combine them into 1 free instant download activity pack.

These 5 Fall-Themed Work Mats can be used for sight words-or many other concepts to be learned! A few of my ideas for using these mats include:

  • letter sounds
  • number recognition
  • color recognition
  • math facts-addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

(If you have more ideas, let me know! Leave a comment below or email me at busyboysbrigade@gmail.com! I will add your ideas to this post-and give you credit!)

How To Use Fall-Themed Work Mats for Learning Sight Words

  1. Print all 5 Fall-Themed Work Mat Sheets
  2. Laminate (optional-but makes sturdy and resuable!)
  3. Use words from sight words list bookmarks from FREE Lego Sight Words Game + Activity Pack (see below for your FREE copy!)
  4. Use dry erase marker to write words of study
  5. Use any of the below methods to identify, read, and mark sight words--
    1. playdough (for DIY playdough recipe that totally rocks and makes a bunch that last for months, click here!)
    2. pompoms--These little gems are great ways for your child to develop fine motor skills (pair with plastic child tweezer or pincher grasp!) as they learn sight words!)
    3. markers--Your child can color sight the circles when they identify and read!
    4. stickers--What kid doesn't love stickers? Let your child cover sight word after they have identified and read. (For Busy Boys Brigade Fun, Fast, & Frugal DIY Stickers, click here!)
    5. bingo daubers--Oh  my goodness! My boys LOVE to use these fun markers! Do your kids like to use bingo daubers too?

Fall-Themed Sight Words

5 different Fall-Themed activities are included in these work mats. This Fall-Themed Work Mats pack includes:

  •  pumpkin
  • apple
  • acorn
  • leaf
  • cornucopia

sight words pumpkin

sight words apple


sight words leaf


Just click on the image below for your instant download of
5 FREE Fall-Themed Work Mats


sight words work mats


If you would like to have your very own Sight Words Bookmarks (Dolch & Fry), grab them in Busy Boys Brigade Lego Sight Words Game + Learning Activities Pack! (click below)

Lego Sight Words game

I hope these Fall-Themed Work Mats bless your family! Remember to "leaf" a comment with any other ways you plan on using these free printables! (Was that too cheesy?)


Sharing is caring!

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