3 More Fun & Frugal Sight Words Activities Your Kids Will Love!

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3 more fun and frugal sight words activities your kids will love!  Twister, hopscotch, and bean bag toss for excellent kinesthetic ways for early readers to learn & practice sight words.

Are you ready for some more fun with sight words?  We sure are-and so excited to share with you!

Smiley(6) and Bear (4) continue to work on learning their sight words. They have been having enjoying these activities in 3 Fun & Frugal Ways Your Kids Will Love Learning Sight Words and 5 FREE Fall-Themed Work Mats. Their biggest source of fun with learning sight words has been with Lego Sight Words Game + Learning Activities.

Lego Sight Words game

Sure, that's quite a few different ways to present and practice sight words. But, my boys love variety-and so do I!

I used the color cards plus the Fry Sight Words Lists Bookmarks from the Lego Sight Words Game for more sight words fun for my boys. These three activities are free (or low cost if you need to purchase any of the materials) and fun-great for testing out and seeing if they click for your kids.

3 More Fun & Frugal Sight Words Activities:

Sight words activities like Twister can be a fun & frugal way for early readers to learn & practice sight words.

  • Sight Words Twister:  This game was relatively easy to set up and play.
    •  Write 24 sight words from Sight Words Bookmark on index cards. (Better yet-have your child do it!)
    • Place 1 card per circle on Twister sheet.
    • Shuffle and randomly select color card.
    • Child reads color card (can even have spell color word!) and selects sight word on one of those colors.
    • Child reads sight word and places in "win" pile.
    • Orange color card was used as a free pass.
    • (We randomly called out right or left hand or foot to play as Twister. You may choose to just use as a game board.)
    • Continue with game until child reads all sight words-or fallsSight words activities like Twister can be an excellent and fun way for early readers to learn sight words.

Sight words activities like hopscotch can be a great way for early readers to learn & practice sight words.

  • Sight Words Hopscotch:  This activity took a bit more prep work (for indoors) but was a lot of fun-and effective!
    • Use painter's tape or masking tape to outline hopscotch board on floor.
    • Use sight words index cards as place holder.
    • Use different sight word for each turn.

Sight words activities like this bean bag toss can be a great kinesthetic way for early readers to practice sight words.


  • Sight Words Beanbag Toss (or Nerf Gun Target Practice):  I added beanbags to this activity for those who prefer to not use Nerf Guns. We have a great room with plenty of space to use a Nerf Gun indoors.
    • materials:  cardboard or poster board, markers, bean bags (or suitable substitute), color cards, sight words on index card (or bookmark), color shapes (optional)
      • draw large circle or oval on board
      • divide circle into 4 even sections
      • label sections red, blue, green, yellow
      • select 4 sight words bookmarks (or 4 sight words!) and place color card above each
      • place target on floor (optional-add color shapes around edge for bonus work on shape recognition and more sight word practice!)
      • have child stand a few feet (or more!) back and toss beanbag
      • child reads color word and sight word (from card or list)
      • if child gets sight word correct, place color card in "win" pile
      • **for Nerf Gun use:
        • place target on wall
        • have child stand several feet back (and wear protective eye wear!)
        • child aims and shoots Nerf Gun at target
        • child selects sight word from that color
        • if child correctly reads sight word, color card is placed in "win" pile

          Look at these 3 fun & frugal sight words activities to help your early readers.
          Captain demonstrating Sight Words Nerf Game


          Check out these fun & frugal sight words activities to help your early readers!
          Smiley aiming at Sight Words Nerf Game Target

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Hope these 3 More Fun & Frugal Sight Words Activities help rock your homeschool!

Remember, you can get your FREE Lego Sight Words & Learning Activities for added learning fun-and to use with these ideas.

Lego sight words game



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