3 Fun & Frugal Ways Your Kids Will Love Learning Sight Words

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Sight words can be difficult to teach-and learn! For my boys, these words have either just clicked or have been a struggle. I have tried various methods to teach sight words based on each boy's learning style and interests.

One of the many things that I love about homeschooling is the flexibility we have to try out different ways to help our child learn. I love being able to use whatever my boys may be interested in at that time (because it's always changing!) as tools for learning.

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For this first post on Fun & Frugal Ways to Learn Sight Words, I present 2 DIY methods plus a fun activity (with printable!). I know that sometimes kids just need to sit and drill-but that doesn't work for everyone. I like to incorporate different ways to present information-and run with what works!

  1. Craft Stick Fandex:  My hubby came up with this idea-and the boys just love it! Coach took a box of large craft sticks out to his shop and drilled holes through one end. He then took a bolt, pushed through, and secured with a nut. Voila! DIY Craft Stick Sight Words Fandex! I write a sight word on each side of stick and use to review with my boys.craft sticks fandex sight words

  2. Index Card Fandex:  For this activity, I typically cut index cards in half or thirds (save paper!) and write words on both sides (again, save paper!). I use a hole puncher to make a hole, stack the cards with holes aligned, and insert brad to secure. This method is similar to the loose leaf rings. While my boys have liked to use both ways, they really enjoy turning their sight words into a fan.index cards fandex sight words

  3. Treasure Hunt!:  This activity takes some prep work but is a total blast! Create a map of a specific area in your home (or your whole house!) and place "X"s where sight words are hidden. Your child goes around and find their "treasures". For extra fun, you can write the words on paper in shape of golden nuggets, coins, or paper money. Create a treasure chest to fill with "treasures"! (We have used empty shoe or tissue boxes).treasure hunt sight words

Here is a customizable checklist to download and print. Your child can use this list as a guide and for extra practice with reading. (My boys just loving checking off things on their lists. Hmm...wonder where they get that from?)

I write the words for my boys in the beginning. I slowly have them build up to writing all 20 words. Copywork of these words is a great way to keep them busy while I am helping older brothers or toddler!

Just click on the image below download and print!


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I hope these 3 Fun & Frugal Ways Your Kids Will Love Learning Sight Words blesses your family.


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