Fun, Fast, & Frugal DIY Stickers Your Kids Will Love!

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Want a fun, fast, & frugal way to keep the kids busy? Try these DIY stickers for hours of creative fun.

This Fun, Fast, & Frugal DIY Stickers were one of those spontaneous ideas that sprung up out of desperation. Before I go any further, I need to give proper credit to the creator of this idea:  Smiley.

I was hopping in and out of my chair in a desperate attempt to find ways to keep my little guys (Smiley, Bear, and Xman) busy while I got some much-needed homeschool planning done. Our homeschool year was quickly approaching and I like to get as organized as possible before school, multiple soccer teams, faith formation classes, and any other activity pops up. Organization is essential in helping this homeschool with 5 boys run smoothly!

Xman, Bear, and Smiley typically entertain each other quite well. They were, however, having one of those days and clinging to Mommy. I threw up my arms in frustration (well, more like banged my head against the kitchen counter but the arm bit sounded much more dramatic) and cried out, "What will keep you boys busy so I can get some work done?"

Smiley, in his infinite 6-year-old wisdom, declared, "Hey Mommy! Can we make stickers to use for our school work?"

Um, sure-if it means it will keep you and your brothers busy for an hour or two!!!


DIY Stickers Materials

  1. all-purpose labels (rectangle and circle)
  2. fine line markers (washable is always my preference!


I got the boys set up at our dining room (it serves many purposes-meals, homeschool, crafts, fort) and let them go!

I let the boys groove with their creativity.  I put out markers and labels and just let them go.

The ultimate beauty of these DIY Stickers is:

1. The boys helped me by creating awesome stickers that we can use throughout our homeschool year for encouragement, support, and fun!

2. They felt a sense of pride from their hard work and creativity.

3. I got almost an hour of some work done!


Other uses for Fun, Fast, & Frugal DIY Stickers:

  1. chore charts
  2. homemade cards
  3. posters
  4. art project
  5. homeschool encouragement 
  6. reminders (have kids make a few with to-do symbols like books for reading, cross for prayer, musical note for music, etc.)


DIY Stickers for our homeschool


There you have it! Fun, Fast, & Frugal activity to keep your kids busy. Great activity for self-expression and just plain fun! These DIY Stickers are a simple way to let your kids contribute to your homeschool-and give you some necessary time to do what needs to get done.


How will you use Fun, Fast, & Frugal DIY Stickers with your family?
More importantly, what will you get done while your kids are busy?

Sharing is caring!

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