5 Days of Holiday Learning Fun -- Day 4: 6 Easy Crafts for Holiday Gifts (& Fun!)

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WooHoo! We are on Day 4 of Christmas Hopscotch for iHomeschool Network. It has been so much fun sharing how Busy Boys Brigade likes to have holiday learning fun!

My boys and I love to make crafts. We also love to combine our craft time with creating handmade gifts. The holidays always brings a fresh wave of craft and gift ideas for us all to share and enjoy making together.

A few of these crafts and gifts are modified versions of crafts that we have shared in the past. We thought that giving them holiday makeovers would be a great way to add to revisit these fun projects! You will find links to previous posts with the original ideas within the craft description.

5 Easy Crafts for Holiday Gifts (& Fun!)

  1.  Beeswax Candles:  My oldest did a fantastic job demonstrating how we make beeswax candles. We have enjoyed every moment of making these candles. We use them during our Morning Gathering time for prayer and to give as gifts.holiday learning fun

  2. Handpainted Mugs:  Another craft that we love making and giving! We made handpainted (well, drawn with oil-based Sharpie markers) for Father's Day-and couldn't wait to make more for holiday gifts! We found plain, white mugs for $1 at the Dollar Tree and used stickers to draw around.holiday learning fun

  3. Handprints Cross:  This craft is relatively simple to do but powerful in its message.

    1. Materials:  construction paper (holiday colors), pencil, scissors, tape, marker
    2. Trace and cut out hand of  each child (or family member).
    3. Tape on wall in shape of cross. (We chose to place yellow in center. Professor said it was to show that Jesus is the "Light of the World".holiday learning fun handprints cross

  4. Scented Playdough:  We use our homemade playdough recipe as often as possible for playdough fun! My mom, a retired K teacher used the recipe found here with all of her classes. This recipe makes a large batch-enough for several colors and family members to use! We use food coloring to tint to desired color. For added holiday fun, I added peppermint extract or ground cinnamon. To get your Free Printable Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe, click below.holiday learning fun playdough recipe

  5. Scented Saltdough: The first time that Busy Boys Brigade shared our salt dough recipe was during our Periscope Storytime Fun. We continued our tradition of making scented salt dough ornaments by adding peppermint or vanilla extract-ground cinnamon works well too! We use a very simple recipe for our salt dough-and even the microwave to heat and dry!

  6. Reindeer Headband:holiday learning fun reindeer headband

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out Busy Boys Brigade's Holiday Fun Learning Games! Make sure to check in each day this week for more Holiday Fun Ideas!

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I highly encourage you to hop on over to iHomeschool Network's Christmas Hopscotch! You will find many awesome ideas and tips for your holiday season!


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