5 Days of Holiday Learning Fun - Day 3: 4 Holiday Activities for Writing Fun!

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Isn't this iHomeschool Network Christmas Hopscotch a blast? I have loved sharing how Busy Boys Brigade has fun learning through the holidays-and I can't wait to share more!


The holidays are a time for family and fun. My boys love the holidays-but are not quite so thrilled about writing. I decided to create a few activities to channel their holiday excitement into writing fun!

4 Holiday Activities for Writing Fun!

  1.  Holiday Silly Sentences Dice:  Much to my surprise, my boys have really enjoyed using these Silly Sentences Dice! Captain and Professor takes turns-one rolls the dice and dictates their silly sentence to the recorder with a clipboard. I could not believe it when they asked if they could keep playing when time was up!
    1. Materials:  Holiday Silly Sentences printable, paper, pencil or pen (scissors and tape to form cubes)
    2. One player rolls dice and must place words into (somewhat) logical sentence-adding extra words as necessary. Goal:  make as silly sentence as possible within grammar rules.
    3. Other player (recorder) writes down silly sentence-and then switch.holiday learning fun silly sentences dice

  2.  Holiday Memories Book:  I thought it would be fun for the boys to record their Holiday Memories. We often become quite busy during this time. I wanted to a way to slow down and embrace the special moments. Extra writing practice makes it even sweeter!
    1. Materials:  mini-photo album (we got ours at Dollar Tree), paper (card stock works well), coloring utensils, free Holiday Memories cover and ideas checklist printable (optional)
    2. Remove cardboard cover insert from mini-photo album. (When purchasing, make sure to check that cover is removable!)
    3. Cut paper into appropriate size for your mini-photo album-card stock is a nice, sturdy option.
    4. Decorate cover and label with name.
    5. Go through Holiday Memories checklist and write titles on each page.
    6. Have fun creating Holiday Memories Book!holiday learning fun memories
    7. holiday learning fun

  3. Holiday Wishlist:  I like to take the opportunity of Holiday Wishlist creation and turn it into a lesson. I sit down with each boy and discuss what they would like to ask for Christmas. We talk about needs vs. wants, as well as having realistic expectation. It is also a fabulous time to talk about and prepare toys for donation. With pre-readers, I look through catalogs and help cut out and paste pictures on paper. My older boys create a list and then write about their top 3 items-why they truly want it, what makes it special, etc.

  4. Holiday Thank You Cards:  Another activity that channels their pre-holiday excitement! I use the time prior to receiving gifts to help my boys prepare thank you cards. We often decide upon a theme and collect our arts and crafts supplies. The boys create handmade thank you cards filled with love. We store until after the holidays where they add their names and personalize a bit. Some DIY/homemade thank you card ideas that we have done in the past:
    1. Painted handprints-labelled with each boys' name and age (bit of a larger card but a huge hit!)
    2. Construction paper handprints-Each boys is assigned a different color. Largest handprint is glued onto card first and then on down the line-creates a cool effect!
    3. DIY stamps-We have create stamps using sponges, apples, and potatoes. We try to carve into holiday shapes and use holiday colors.
    4. DIY stickers-My boys love  designing their own stickers! We may add this idea to our Holiday Thank You Cards this year.
    5. Fingerpaint-All of my boys (ages 1-13) love this option! Our trick-make sure to fold card into final shape prior to fingerpainting. After the paint dries, it often cracks when folded.
    6. Stencils-DIY (from cardboard or poster board) or store-bought! Holiday stencils are such fun to use when crafting your own thank you cards!
    7. Dot-a-Dot Daubers-Another way my boys love to create thank you cards! When different colors are used, a stained glass effect can be made.

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Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out Busy Boys Brigade's Holiday Fun Learning Games! Make sure to check in each day this week for more Holiday Fun Ideas!

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