Life of Fred Intermediate Math: Introduction & Review

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life of fred intermediate math

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We are a Life of Fred family (have I said that before?)  We LOVE Fred! These books have been such a blessing to our homeschool! We have successfully been using:

My plan is to continue our learning adventures with Fred! Who is Fred? Why, he is just one of the most adorable 5 year-old math professors that we have ever met!  We started using Life of Fred Elementary Math several years ago with my 2 older boys. I am thrilled that higher level math, language arts, and more are now available!

You can find all of these Life of Fred books over at Educents.

Captain (13) and Professor (10) have been using Life of Fred Intermediate math. They are wrapping up Kidneys and ready to start Liver (I know-wonderful names!). I keep both boys in same book to simplify our discussion and review of presented concepts.

life of fred intermediate math

Why Life of Fred Intermediate Series?

  1. Continuation of Fred's story
  2. Builds upon lessons learned in Elementary series
  3. Able to combine grades (recommended for 3rd-7th)
  4. Reusable (books are not written in!)
  5. Math concepts are applicable to real-life situations.
  6. Bridge questions at end of each chapter are short yet effective means of measuring mastery.
  7. Use of a variety of educational concepts (not just math!) for learning boost
  8. Inclusion of various educational concepts appeals to different learning styles and interests
  9. Affordable
  10. FUN!

    life of fred kidneys

One of the concepts covered in Kidneys that I find so helpful is how to properly write a check. Both Captain and Professor are now able to correctly write a check! I did not learn how to write a check until I was a junior in high school during my accounting elective! This type of real life math (plus more!) is just one of the many reasons I love using Life of Fred in our homeshcool.

Another aspect of Life of Fred books that I believe to be beneficial is that concepts build upon each other. For example, in Liver, fractions are introduced in a simple fashion. By the end of the text,  students are converting percents to fractions.

The best feature of Life of Fred Intermediate Math (and all Life of Fred titles!) is how just enough information is provided. Students learn what is necessary, without concepts being overly complicated.

Also, each chapter contains what I like to call "teasers". "Teasers" may be a picture of a famous painting, mention of foreign words, or reference to a well-known book. Brief descriptions of these "teasers" encourage students to want to know more! My boys love to research these "teasers" and I find they are learning so much more than math!

Educents has some great freebies that are helpful to use to supplement Life of Fred Intermediate Math (and other Life of Fred titles!)  Here are a few that we are or will be using:



I hope that this introduction to Life of Fred Intermediate Math Series was helpful to you and your family. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment, send me an email at, or contact Educents directly at

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Life of Fred Intermediate Math-part of Massive Guide To Homeschooling Math

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