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Free Addition Facts with Pets for Fantastic Math Fun

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Let's make learning and practicing addition facts super fun!

You can help your kids get excited about learning basic math facts with just a bit of creativity and hands-on activities.

These free Addition Facts with Pets are absolutely adorable ways to make math time fun for your kids.

Your kids will have so much math fun with these variety of Addition Facts Activities featuring cute pets.

Adding Hands-On Activities to Make Learning Fun & Effective

It's hard to believe that my youngest boy (Xman) is in first grade.

When I stop and think about our homeschool adventures over the past nine years, I realize that I've had a preschool or kindergarten level the entire time.

Kind of bittersweet to know that our homeschool is getting older 😉

Although I don't like to do the comparison thing between my five boys, I have noticed that Xman is a lot like his big brothers when it comes to learning.

All of my boys learn best with hands-on activities, especially when it comes to math and reading.

To help my boys master their sight words, we played a lot of indoor and outdoor games. A rainbow of sidewalk chalk hopscotch games and tic-tac-toe for sight words fun have been common outdoor games.

I finally turned our sight words memory games into a printable version that Xman continues to use for fun practice and mastery.

Our sight words coloring activities have also given Xman creative ways to have hands-on learning fun.

Since these hands-on activities for sight words have been so effective, I wanted to make sure that Xman had some fun ways to learn and practice basic math facts.

Along with his older brothers, Xman is using CTCMath for online math lessons. He LOVES his CTCMath time!

To make sure he has hands-on learning opportunities (like our other hands-on addition activities), I'm giving him super cute Addition Facts printables that feature pets.

Let's first look at why hands-on activities and games are such fantastic ways to improve learning and then chat more about these Pet Addition Facts activities 🙂

Color by Sum fish bowl with crayons and woman holding addition memory game cards to feature how this free set of Addition Facts Activities with pets is an awesome way to make math fun for kids

Why Games & Hands-On Activities Boost Learning

You may have read about the benefits of hands-on learning, like how these types of activities make concepts real and improve creativity.

From our homeschool experiences, hands-on activities using manipulatives (or real-life learning) are what my boys remember best.

For example, Xman loves to talk about when we celebrated Chocolate Chip Cookie Day by counting out chocolate chips and "playing" math. I'd write down an addition problem (like 3 + 4 =  ) and he'd count out and add chocolate chips on his "cookie" (cut-out circle of brown construction paper).

Using manipulatives like coins and dice have also been engaging ways to make learning and practicing basic math facts fun.

Connect the Sum cat, Roll and Cover dog, addition memory game cards, and color by sum fish bowl to feature the amazing math fun your kids will have with these Addition Facts activities with pets

Easy Ways to Make Math Time Fun with These Activities for Addition Facts

These free Addition Facts with Pets activities provide a variety of ways to practice basic addition. In this printable set, you'll find:

  • Roll-and-Cover Pup:  This fun game uses 2 dice and small objects to cover answers for addition fun.
  • Connect the Dots Cat:  Your kids solve the addition problems, connect the dots according to answers, and color the cat.
  • Color by Sum Fish:  Find the sum and color according to the key to find a cute fish in its bowl.
  • Pets Addition Memory Game:  Two pages with a total of forty cards for awesome addition fun. Players match the addition problem to the answer with coordinating pets. For example, 4 gray cats + 1 yellow cat = 5 brown cat card.

I recommend printing the Roll-and-Cover Pup and Pets Addition Memory games on white cardstock for durability.

You could print out extra copies of the Roll-and-Cover Pup game if your kids would prefer to color the circles.

If you'd also like your kids to have some fun addition facts drills, print an extra set of the Pets Addition Memory Game. Cut out the cards and glue the backs together, with the problem on one side and the answer on the other.

Connect by Sum cat with crayons and Roll and Cover dog with dice & pompoms to feature the awesome math fun your kids will have with these free Addition Facts Activities with pets

Get Your Free Addition Facts with Pets for Math Fun

WooHoo! Let's make learning and practicing addition facts fun!

This free PDF (printable) set includes 5 pages of addition facts activities.

Please print out as many of these math activities as you need to enjoy with your kids, homeschool co-op, and class. If you have a friend or co-worker who you think might like to use these fun addition facts printables, share the link to this post (and not the download link). I sincerely thank you for your cooperation and sharing!

Easily make practicing basic math skills fun with these free Addition Facts Activities with pets.

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Make learning & practicing basic math skills fun with these free addition facts activities with pets.

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