Why I Love All American History With Multiple Ages

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all american history multiple ages

All American History Vol. II continues to rock our homeschool! We started using this amazing homeschool history curriculum a few weeks ago and are very pleased with how our progress. The boys are excited to further their studies of Civil War and beyond. I am thrilled that they are eager to learn and asking for more!

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post. I did receive product and compensation. All opinions are 100% my own. Thanks, as always, for reading and supporting our homeschool!

One of the many benefits that our homeschool has experienced from using All American History Vol. II is how adaptable it is for multiple ages. With 5 boys ages 1-13, I fall down on my knees in thanks when I can find an affordable homeschool curriculum that I can use with most, if not all, of my boys. When I read about using All American History curricula with different ages, I was intrigued and could not wait to use in our homeschool.

When I got our box of All American History goodies, I could not wait to read more about how to use with all of my school-age boys. I was ecstatic to find the Teacher's Guide easy to navigate and the number of ideas on how to use with early elementary all the way up to high school. (In my opinion, more bang for your buck!)

After a bit of trial and error, I believe that we have come up with "schedule" (I should say routine-we are not your plan-by-the-minute type of family!) that works for our homeschool.  We block out 1 to 1 ½ hours every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to dedicate to our All American History studies.  Depending on your approach to homeschooling, that schedule may seem like a little or a lot. We have found that it allows us enough time to read the material plus do most of the fantastic activities suggested in the books (Student Reader, Student Activity Book, and Teacher's Guide/Answer Key). Although our history buff, Professor, continues to work on individual projects-but that's for a later post!

all american history Professor Civil War Books
Professor with some of his Civil War History books (this stack does not include his other many history books!)

I am not the type of homeschooler either that must check off every box or complete every worksheet. Just as much as my boys, I enjoy pursuing rabbit trails of learning. These related searches inspired by the amazing presentation of information in All American History is another reason I love it (and enough for a future post!)

Our All American History Vol. II "schedule" thus far has been:

  • Monday=Read half of lesson (chapter). complete associated workbook pages + mapwork; work on project for unit (4 unit)
  • Wednesdays=Complete lesson (chapter), complete associate workbook pages, complete Family Fun suggestion
  • Friday=Read lesson wrap-up, select 1 item from further study list

We include individual reading, as well as group read-aloud using recommended book lists for each unit. My boys have enjoyed searching for these books at our local library-and have even found a few on our own shelves!all american history Captain reading

I pair up an older boy with a younger boy for reading too. Captain often reads and explains book from the recommended list to Smiley. Professor and Bear work well together so I match them up to snuggle and read.

I find that giving my younger boys a hands-on activity to do during read-aloud time helps curb fidgeting or distraction. I often put out playdough and crayons and paper for them to use to create objects or pictures of what we are talking about (or anything that keeps them quiet and helps them listen!).

all american history Professor Bear


The two older boys mostly complete the workbook activities. Smiley and Bear have been in charge of the cutting and pasting of pictures for timelines and worksheets.teen boy reading All American History book

Xman will even get in on the fun learning! He is often on Momma's lap, fiddling with a toy or coloring a page. Of course, he likes to jump in the action with big brothers.all american history Smiley Professor Xman

One of the first "challenges" (Well, that's my boys call them! in the Teacher's Guide, they are labeled Review Games) that we undertook was learning the United States Presidents in order. The boys suggested that we make a list and add to it as we learn. mom working with boys on All American History

Our experience with multiple ages with All American History has been wonderful thus far. I can not wait to continue to share our learning adventures here with you! I encourage you to head over to Bright Press Ideas to check out All American History Vol. II-and their many amazing resources!

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Thank you so much for stopping by and reading all about our fun learning with All American History Vol. II! If you have any questions about this series, please leave a comment below, email me at busyboysbrigade@gmail.com, or check out Bright Press Ideas!

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