5 Ways Life of Fred Early Readers Are Blessing Our Homeschool

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Life of Fred Early Readers

I love to share how we have become a Life of Fred family. My boys and I have truly enjoyed using Life of Fred Elementary Math series in our homeschool. My two older boys, Captain and Professor, have successfully been using LOF Intermediate Math books (more information coming very soon!). We also have started LOF Language Arts-and are loving every minute of it!

Due to our positive experiences with Life of Fred, I decided that we had to add more LOF to our homeschool journey! We are definitely a homeschool family who watches every penny and sticks close to our budget. Imagine my delight at learning about the great deals that our friends at Educents regularly provide.

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored, affiliate post through Educents. I did not receive product but did receive compensation. Thanks, as always, for reading and for supporting our homeschool!

I am also a homeschooler who is open to assessing (and reassessing!) our homeschool curriculum. I give a curriculum a certain amount of time (roughly a month) to determine if it is working with my boys. Time is too precious to waste-especially in our homeschool!

Learning to Read curriculum that worked for my older boys was not jiving with Smiley. He is our 6 year old boy who thrives with a hands-0n, interactive approach. Drill and kill does not work for this boy!

Bear (4) is still quite young for formal reading lessons (at least in our homeschool!) but has been begging to learn how to read like his big brothers. Based on this desire, as well as his mastery of letter sounds, I decided to start some basic reading instruction.

For both Smiley and Bear, I started using a text that worked very well for Captain and Professor. I could tell after a month or so that this would not work for these boys!

I knew that both boys enjoyed Life of Fred Elementary Math -they have worked on LOF Apples and are working on Butterflies. My boys just love Fred! If we could, we would adopt him into our family!

When I discovered that Educents was carrying Life of Fred Early Readers, I eagerly hopped over to their site to check them out! And I wasn't disappointed! These early readers are awesome-and affordable!

life of fred early readers

5 Ways Life of Fred Early Readers Are Blessing Our Homeschool

  1. Gentle Approach:  Life of Fred Early Readers are not overwhelming. My boys don't feel like they are being forced to learn too much at once.

    life of fred early readers
    Bear reading Life of Fred Blue (Eden Series)

  2. Simple Pictures and Colors:  Images are not distracting. In fact, the pictures (and colors) relate to text. I find this aspect extremely helpful with Smiley who easily becomes distracted by busy pictures and has trouble focusing on the text.

    life of fred early readers
    Smiley reading Life of Fred Early Reader Bus

  3. Large Print:  The font size of the text is large enough for my boys to easily read. Both boys were squinting with other curriculum (and their eyes are fine-they have had eye exams!) and struggling to read the smaller print. I love how this larger print takes away a common struggle for early readers.

    Life of Fred early readers with young boy
    Bear loving his Life of Fred Early Reader!

  4. Builds Confidence:  Both Smiley and Bear grin from ear to ear after reading a lesson. They don't slouch in their chairs with trembling lips from being overwhelmed. They even boast to their older brothers about their reading success. (I'm not one for boasting but, in this instance, I'm all for it!)

    Life of Fred early readers with young boy
    Smiley is all smiles after reading Life of Fred Bus 

  5. Multiple Educational Concepts In Each Book:  Sure, Life of Fred Early Readers covers beginning reading concepts. But, so much more is included! Colors, numbers, counting, map reading, and more are presented. To learn even more about the different concepts within each book, hop over to Educents for their more in-depth coverage.

Life of Fred early readers with young boy
Bear loves his Life of Fred Early Readers!

When you first pick up a Life of Fred Early Reader, you may think, "Um, is that all there is?" These books don't have a lot of bells and whistles. And that's one of the many reasons why I love them! Simple text and pictures are key in this home of busy boys!

Once I cracked open book one, "Blue", I knew that we hit gold! I will be sharing one way that my boys have successfully been using Life of Fred Readers next week. Until that time, make sure to check out these fantastic printables over at Educents:

Check out these rockin' FREE resources for reading from Educents!

You can get Life of Fred Early Readers, as well as other LOF titles (math, finances, language arts, and more!), over at Educents. Check out this sweet deal!

If you have any questions about these early readers, ask in the comment section below or any of my social media. I would love to help you become better acquainted with this awesome Early Reading series!

Of course, head over to Educents too-not just for Life of Fred Early Readers but tons of freebies and fun educational products!

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