2 Easy & Frugal DIY Educational Games For Sight Words + More!

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DIY sight word games

Sight words continue to be a focus for Smiley and Bear in our homeschool. Smiley is making fantastic progress with reading. Bear has started to use Life of Fred Beginning Readers (be on the lookout for lesson extensions soon!) and astonishes us every day with his ability to decode words.

I have been sharing some of the creative, hands-on, and interactive ways my boys practice and learn these type of words. You can find these posts here:

Most of these educational activities use cards and game pieces from the game shown below (although not required!).  You can get your cards and games pieces (well, the whole pack!) by clicking below:

Lego sight words game

To add even more fun with these words to our homeschool, I used these 2 common games-with a sight words twist! You can use with other educational concepts too, like:

  • math facts
    • addition
    • subtraction
    • multiplication
    • division
    • shapes
    • terms
    • equations
  • vocabulary
  • science
    • terms
    • steps to scientific method
    • memorization
  • history
    • sequence of events
    • famous historical people
  • geography
    • 7 continents
    • U. S. States & their facts
    • countries of the world
    • definitions



2 Easy & Frugal DIY Games for Sight Words + More!

paper basketball sight words

  • Sight Words Paper Basketball --  Oh my goodness! All my boys had fun with this game!
    •  I cut a piece of orange construction paper into 12 squares (you could do more or less).
    •  I chose one of the Fry Sight Words bookmarks (We used 2-100.) and wrote one word per square.
    • Smiley or Bear (and, of course, Captain and Professor had to try!) would look at word and try to read.
    • If sight word was read correctly, they were allowed to wad up paper into ball and "shoot" into paper bag basket.
    • If sight word was not read correctly, paper was placed "on the bench" (in a pile) for more practice.
    • Words were written on Sight Words Paper Basketball Write & Tally Sheet. (see free instant download below)
    • To add a little math into the mix, boys recorded known words vs. bench words as tally marks.
    • paper basketball sight words

felt tic tac toe sight words


  •   Sight Words Felt Tic-Tac-Toe --  This game was quite simple to create.
    • I used a stiffer piece of felt for tic-tac-toe board.
    • I cut felt into 9" x 9" square and used black permanent marker to mark off squares.
    • I cut index cards into thirds and wrote 1 sight word per card. I taped card to felt shape (to use again for other words).
    • Smiley or Bear selected one shape and I took the other. (They will play this together eventually-just wanted to make sure they understood the concept!)
    • Player reads sight word.
      •  If correct, they get to take a turn and place shape/sight word on board.
      • If not correct, sight word is placed in "to be practiced" pile.
      • Continue to play until tic-tac-toe!

        felt tic tac toe sight words
        Felt Tic Tac Toe Sight Words-Smiley Wins!

Here's your FREE INSTANT DOWNLOAD OF Paper Basketball Sight Words Write & Tally Sheet. 

Hope that you and your kids have tons of fun playing these games for sight words!


Lego sight words game

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