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Mindfulness Activities for Kids: Simple Ways to Encourage Growth This Fall (10 Free)

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Mindfulness activities for kids have so many benefits! Find out more and how to use these free Fall printables.

Fall can be a tough season for kids.

Many families are heading back to {home}school. Activities pick back up after a summer break. Transitions back into sleep schedules and regular routines can wreak havoc on kids (and adults!).

To help your kids have a smooth shift back into Fall, find out why these free printable mindfulness exercises are excellent ways to learn and practice growth mindset skills.

Use these hands-on growth mindset exercises featuring Fall Mindfulness Activities to help your kids learn these positive skills.

Help Your Kids Deal with Stress this Fall & Beyond

Are your kids struggling with the demands of Fall?

Life just seems to go into super hyperactive drive during the Autumn season. So many classes, activities, and events to attend!

Our family feels the pressure of competitive soccer seasons. The homeschool year is usually in full swing by Fall. And holidays are lurking around the corner!

But, you and I both know the truth. Life is busy, no matter what time of year.

Kids, unfortunately, struggle with stress, anger, frustration, perfection, self-doubt, and more no matter what season it is! And that's why it's so important to encourage mindfulness for kids at home.

Woman holding Fall Mindfulness Activity for kids to feature how you can use these free printable activities to help kids learn and practice growth mindset skills & more

If you'd like to help your kids learn how to deal with what life throws at them, I highly encourage you to learn about and teach growth mindset skills. These positive practices provide individuals with healthy coping skills to turn lemons into lemonade.

These Fall mindfulness activities for kids are fantastic ways to introduce your kids to gentle yet powerful growth mindset practices 🙂

Help your kids learn the gentle yet powerful growth mindset skills of mindfulness using these free Fall leaves activities.


FAQs for Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Wondering why or how to use mindfulness activities to help your kids?

It's totally normal to be curious about this approach, especially if you aren't familiar with it.

Let's look at some commonly asked questions. Hopefully, you'll find answers that help you better understand this approach. If you don't, feel free to email me at rockyourhomeschool@gmail.com!

What does "mindfulness" mean?

Mindfulness is when you're work towards being fully present and aware in your current situation. Mindful.org shares a helpful explanation of this practice.

How does mindfulness help my kids?

Could your kids benefit from slowing down, focusing, and relaxing? If so, mindfulness can be a super beneficial practice!
KidsHealth.org explains mindfulness for kids and why it's a fantastic activity to embrace and enjoy. You'll find a step-by-step guide on how to help your kids get started with this positive practice.

What physical and mental health issues does mindfulness improve?

Mindfulness exercises can help with anxiety, anger management, depression, focus, self-compassion, and attention issues (ADHD), motivation, perfectionism, and much more.
Also, kids (even young children) can learn mindfulness techniques to attend to the present moment and quiet their muscles, heartbeat, body parts, inhalation and exhalation (like belly breathing), and more.

This Fall Fun Bundle is a super easy, print-and-go way to enjoy special seasonal activities with your kids.

Get Your Free Fall Mindfulness Activities for Kids

The great news is that teaching mindfulness activities don't have to be hard!

In fact, these free printables are simple ways to help your kids practice and develop mindfulness skills. 

In this free printable pack, you'll get 10 mindfulness activities featuring Fall foliage. Gentle instructions guide your kids through exercises designed to calm and redirect.

 Each printable exercise is like a prop (or resource) that your child can use to focus on how their breath feels, their body feels, and more ways to enjoy fun mindfulness activities.

Your kids will enjoy these gentle growth mindset exercises featuring Fall foliage.

As your child slowly traces the lines of these colorful leaves, they will use their breath to work on affirmations, gain self-control, and release frustration.

Deep breaths can be so helpful in dealing with emotions (like sadness, anger, and stress) and developing a mindful practice for self-regulation and more.

Or your child can choose to customize the experience for whatever they need at that time to enjoy the positive benefits of mindfulness!

Oh, and your child can use their fingers or other tools (like crayons, pens, and pencils) to trace the Fall-themed shapes. The texture of a crayon can be very soothing. You can set a timer for each exercise or just let your kids go with the guided meditation and exercise.

You can print out as many copies as you need. If you know someone who you think would love these Fall Mindfulness activities for kids for their homeschool or classroom, please share smile emoticon

Provide your kids with easy-to-use yet powerful growth mindset exercises like these free Fall Mindfulness Activities featuring leaves.

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Simple, colorful leaves with mindfulness directions to feature how your kids can benefit from the growth mindset exercises with these 10 free Fall mindfulness activities for kids

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These free printable mindfulness activities for kids featuring Fall leaves are easy yet powerful practices to learn growth mindset skills.

Get your free set of Fall Mindfulness Activities for Kids HERE or tap on the image below to subscribe and get started with mindfulness fun!

These 10 free Fall Mindfulness Activities for Kids are fantastic hands-on ways to learn & practice growth mindset skills.

Would you like to help your kids learn more about mindfulness? What questions do you have?
Let me know in the comments area below 🙂

Examples of Fall Mindfulness Activities for Kids printables with leaves formed by lines on light green background

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