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10 Amazing Homeschool Survival Tools to Boost Your Sanity

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No matter how much you love homeschooling, you probably have days where you feel like you're sinking. Instead of drowning in overwhelm, find out how these 10 amazing homeschool survival tools can help you enjoy your homeschool adventures!


Discover how you can use these 10 amazing homeschool survival tools to boost your sanity & enjoy your learn at home adventures.


The Need for Homeschool Survival Tools

"What's your secret to homeschooling without losing your mind?" 

As a homeschool mom, I get asked this question. A lot. Maybe you do, too?

It's not something that I think about on a daily basis. I've found my homeschool groove and try to stay flexible. We've discovered ways to make our erratic schedule work for our family.

When I really sit and ponder the whole situation, I realize that I use specific tools to help me thrive, not just survive.


Why Homeschool Survival Tools are Essential

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  homeschooling is a blessing but it's tough!

Think about what a typical homeschool day for you looks like:

  • breakfast prep and clean up for all
  • getting dressed and making sure all have at least attempted proper hygiene
  • herding kids to the homeschool area
  • plugging through your homeschool time, often peppered with distractions and discipline
  • lunch prep and clean up
  • completion of any homeschool work that did not get completed in the morning
  • chores and errands
  • dinner prep and clean up
  • running one or more child to an activity
  • cleansing of the little people and repetitive rounds of "It's time for bed!"
  • collapsing onto your couch and passing out as your "me time" evaporates in ZZZZs

Oh, and don't forget the numerous requests for snacks, drinks, and "play with me, mama!".

The above example is a brief look at one of our homeschool days with five boys. To chronicle the whole day, I would need to write an epic novel. And I don't have the time nor energy for that! (Look at the activities in the aforementioned bullet list for reasons why.)

Just looking at all of that in writing makes me tired. And makes me wonder how in the world do I ever do all of it!

Fortunately, I have a few homeschool survival tools in my arsenal. Some tools have been added to energize. Other tools are for stress management. A few tools are present to distract the kids so I can sit down and catch my breath.

At the end of this post, I would love to hear what you use for homeschool survival tools? How do you get through your homeschool day?

Here's my list of homeschool survival tools. Consider each and how they could possibly help you cope during your homeschool day.


Black wire mesh container of color pencils, glasses, old books, & red polka dot mug with white background serve as some homeschool survival tools

My Arsenal of Homeschool Survival Tools

1. Erasable Pens

Sounds silly? Pens help me survive my homeschool day? Absolutely!

I use these Frixion erasable pens in my homeschool planner. I am able to switch up our homeschool plans in an instant. Life happens and being able to erase and recreate our homeschool plans helps me stay sane.


2. Coffee

Coffee is my elixir. It brings me joy and energy. Coffee gives me that jolt that I need to get our homeschool day started. I was lucky to have my hubby bring me home this coffee maker. I'm even luckier that he understands my love of coffee and why it is important to have as a homeschool mom.


3. Tea Kettle

As much as I love coffee and would love to drink it all day, my tummy doesn't always like it. When I need a bit of a pick-me-up in the afternoon, I fill up my tea kettle and wait to embrace a hot mug of tea. We also use our tea kettle for Poetry Teatime!


4. Affirmations

My daily practice of positive self-statements has been essential to my survival as a homeschool mom. I use one of my free affirmation cards to read and repeat throughout my day for improved mental health and coping skills.


5. Journal

I use two different types of journals to keep my spirits up and survive our homeschool day. has been an awesome daily habit to help me grow in my faith and patience. My free weekly journal prompts have helped me maintain my focus and joy in our homeschool.


6. Planners

Yes, you read that right! Planners! I use more than one planner to organize the various areas of my life. I have planners for homeschool, home management, fitness, and blogging. With a dedicated time and space to brain dump and prioritize, I am better able to reduce stress and increase happiness.


7. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils have become important homeschool survival tools. With the right essential oil, our homeschool can become better energized, relaxed, and healthy.


8. Tabletop Easel

This tabletop easel has been a game changer in our homeschool. Easy to set up and put away, I love to use the whiteboard during our morning gathering time. While I use the whiteboard side with my older boys, my younger boys enjoy using the felt side to make pictures and collages with small pieces of felt.


9. Window Markers

A recent addition to our homeschool, window markers have been a huge hit! My boys love to create stained glass windows and pictures, even practice cursive!


10. Music

It's no secret that I love to dance (and even sing a bit of karaoke if you twist my arm enough!). The right music can turn my frown upside down. Dance parties are frequent events in our homeschool to lift all of our moods. When you have a good 80s tune blaring, there is nothing finer!


Don't forget to share what tools you use to survive as a homeschool mom. Also, hop on over to iHomeschool Network to find out what other homeschoolers use to rock their homeschools!


Sharing is caring!

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