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Excellent Ways to Learn About Christmas in England

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Want an awesome way to get kids excited about the holidays and boost learning fun? Use these fantastic resources and ideas to learn about a traditional Christmas in England.

With simple plans and activities, you and your kids can enjoy marvelous Christmas Fun Around the World this holiday season ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy Christmas Fun in England with your kids using these easy-to-use plans & activities.

Add Excitement to Your Holiday Learning Fun with Christmas in England

A Christmas Around the World study during the holiday season is an awesome way to boost the celebration with kids.ย 

Your kids already have a ton of energy and enthusiasm about Christmas, right? Well, if your kids are like my boys, then they're bouncing off the walls...

Why not help your kids channel that excitement into positive learning experiences? Use their interest to motivate. Capture their attention as you discover facts and traditions about another country.

Our Christmas Fun Around the World activities have sparked a curiosity in my boys to extend their research about different countries.

For example, when we learned about a traditional English Christmas, Smiley (10) wanted to know more about Boxing Day and why it's celebrated. Jumping down that rabbit hole helped me learn new things that might not have ever been covered in our homeschool. Plus, Smiley felt super cool when he shared his new knowledge with our family ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas tree with English ornaments of a red London bus and United Kingdom flag and English Christmas table setting with crackers and Chrismtas Fun in England cover

Recommended Resources to Learn about a Traditional English Christmas

As with all of our Christmas Fun Around the World plans and activities, I spent a lot of time researching resources to use for our holiday learning fun.ย 

My first spot to check is our local library system. My boys and I found some amazing books to learn about Christmas in England (and even ended up ordering a few to enjoy again and again!).

Here are a few of our favorites:

Christmas in EnglandChristmas in EnglandFriendly Beasts, TheFriendly Beasts, TheThe Friendly Beasts: an old English Christmas CarolThe Friendly Beasts: an old English Christmas CarolThe SnowmanThe SnowmanCelebrate Christmas Around the WorldCelebrate Christmas Around the WorldChristmas Around the World (On My Own Holidays)Christmas Around the World (On My Own Holidays)Christmas Around the World: A Christmas Holiday Book for KidsChristmas Around the World: A Christmas Holiday Book for Kids


Want to include more than books and sites in your Christmas in England study? You'll find recommendations for music, hands-on activities, and yummy treats in our Christmas Fun Around the World sets!

Learn all about a traditional English Christmas with these Christmas Fun in England plans and activities. You\'re kids will love making a yummy trifle.
The boys & I made our own version of a Christmas trifle to enjoy.

Engage Your Kids with Learning Fun about Christmas in England

Have a blast with your kids this holiday season and enjoy learning fun about Christmas in England!

By using the simple plans and activities in the Christmas Fun in England set, you'll be ready for a stress-free study. There's just enough information and activities that you won't feel like you're overdoing it or adding one more thing to your holiday to-do list ๐Ÿ˜‰

With five busy boys, I completely understand how the holidays can be overwhelming. You need as simple as possible.

To make sure your Christmas Around the World Fun is practical yet enjoyable, I used these plans and activities last year with my boys (ages 5-16). I tweaked the information and activities to ensure holiday learning fun that you can feel good about ๐Ÿ™‚

The Christmas Fun in England plans and activities include:

  • Fun Facts about a Traditional Christmas in England
  • How to say an English Christmas Greeting
  • Links to videos featuring English Christmas music for you to listen to with your kids
  • Traditional Christmas in England Food Facts (and suggestions for enjoying a yummy holiday treat!)
  • One page with colorful images of traditional English Holiday Food 
  • 5 coloring pages (with 2 images per page for a total of 10 half-pages) to create a special Christmas in England keepsake book

Tap here to check out and get started making wonderful holiday memories with your kids and this Christmas Fun in England set. This entire pack of plans and activities is only $3!

Enjoy holiday learning fun with your kids using Christmas Fun in England plans & activities.

Interested in enjoying more easy holiday learning fun with your kids?

Check out and get our Christmas Fun Around the World bundle. Learn about fun Christmas traditions in 8 countries PLUS get a bonus suggested materials checklist to make your prep work even easier!ย 

The Christmas Fun Around the World Bundle is just $12. Yup, get 50% off! Hey, if you can't get to all the countries this year, you'll have plenty of Christmas learning fun activities to look forward to next year!

These Christmas Fun Around the World Bundle activities are perfect ways to enjoy simple yet awesome holiday activities with your kids.

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