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Amazingly Fun Ways to Learn About Christmas in Netherlands

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Get your kids excited about the holidays with learning fun about Christmas in Netherlands.

With the right resources and a bit of planning, you'll find out fantastic facts and activities to experience how this country celebrates Christmas.

Discover delightful Dutch holiday traditions and more for an awesome Christmas Fun Around the World!

Enjoy Christmas Fun in Netherlands with your kids using these easy-to-use plans & activities.

Learn About a Dutch Christmas with Your Kids

My boys and I love learning about how different countries around the world celebration holidays. These studies are magnificent ways to extend our geography and world cultures learning fun!

One of the countries that my boys and I hadn't learned about was the Netherlands. When I started to do my research for our Christmas Fun Around the World plans and activities, I decided that we had to add this country to our list.

As my boys and I enjoyed our holiday learning fun last year, we discovered so many cool things about a Dutch Christmas. We had never heard of the story of Sinterklaas or Zwarte Pieten (Black Peters).

And a St. Nicholas Eve treasure hunt with poems and riddles sounded like so much fun! (In fact, it gave me the idea for creating a Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt and a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt.)

With all of our Christmas Around the World studies, my boys and I had a blast making comparisons to our holiday stories, customs, and food. We also had a blast finding similarities and differences between how Christmas is celebrated in the Netherlands vs. other countries.

Dutch holiday sweets and candies on white background and Vrolijk Kerstfeest letters in powdered sugar letters on wood background with candy cane & cookies and Christmas Fun in Netherlands cover

Recommended Resources for Learning About Christmas in Netherlands 

To help me draft plans and activities for our Christmas learning fun, I first did an online search on our local library's page. Luckily, I found a few books that were perfect for learning about Christmas in Netherlands.

Here are some great books and resources about a Dutch Christmas. See if your library has them or buy the resources if you'd like to refer to them year after year.

Christmas in the NetherlandsChristmas in the NetherlandsSinterklaasSinterklaasChristmas Around the World (On My Own Holidays)Christmas Around the World (On My Own Holidays)Celebrate Christmas Around the WorldCelebrate Christmas Around the WorldChristmas Around the World: A Christmas Holiday Book for KidsChristmas Around the World: A Christmas Holiday Book for KidsChristmas Around the World: A Pop-Up BookChristmas Around the World: A Pop-Up Book


If you find Christmas in Netherlands books and other resources to use with your kids, please share in the comments below! I'd love to add to our collection 🙂

Your kids will have a blast with this Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt as part of your Christmas Fun in Netherlands activities.

Boost Your Holiday Fun with Christmas in Netherlands

Want to learn about a Dutch Christmas with your kids?

Use the simple plans and activities Christmas Fun in Netherlands set! You'll have just enough information and activities for an enjoyable study, without the stress of planning or overdoing it. You won't feel like you're adding one more thing to your holiday to-do list 😉

I completely understand how the holidays can be super busy and you need as simple as possible. With five boys, the last thing I want to do is add more to my plate.

To make sure your Christmas Around the World Fun wasn't overwhelming or impractical, I used these plans and activities last year with my boys (ages 5-16). I tweaked the information and activities to ensure holiday learning fun without tears (for you or the kids).

The Christmas Fun in Netherlands plans and activities include:

  • Fun Facts about Christmas in Netherlands
  • Discover how to say a Dutch Christmas Greeting 
  • Links to Dutch Christmas music videos for you to listen to with your kids
  • Two Christmas-themed scavenger hunt printables
  • Christmas in Netherlands Food Facts (and suggestions for enjoying a tasty Dutch holiday treat!)
  • One page with colorful images of traditional Dutch Holiday Food 
  • 6 coloring pages (with 2 images per page for total of 12 half-pages) to create a special Christmas in Netherlands book

Tap here to check out Christmas Fun in Netherlands with your kids. This entire pack of plans and activities is only $3!

Make holiday learning fun easy & stress-free with these Christmas Fun in Netherlands plans & activities.

Want to enjoy even easier holiday learning fun with your kids?

Gett our Christmas Fun Around the World bundle. Learn about fun Christmas traditions in 8 countries PLUS get a bonus suggested materials checklist to make your prep work even easier! 

The Christmas Fun Around the World Bundle is just $12. Yup, get 50% off! Hey, if you can't get to all the countries this year, you'll have plenty of Christmas learning fun activities to look forward to next year!

Have Christmas Fun Around the World with your kids using these amazing plans & activities.

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