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Free Thanksgiving I Spy for Holiday Fun with Kids

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Thanksgiving with kids CAN be fun!

And if you just let out a groan, I get it. Truly. Getting ready for a big feast with kids darting between your feet can make you feel like a dry wishbone being yanked about.

But, you can plan and prepare for Thanksgiving fun activities with kids!

As you gather together to celebrate this holiday, make sure to gather some free Thanksgiving printables-including this Thanksgiving I Spy activity-to keep your kids busy.

Trust me, you'll be smiling even as you enjoy a big ol' slice of pumpkin pie piled high with whipped cream!

Enjoy this free printable Thanksgiving I Spy activity for easy holiday fun with kids.

Add This Thanksgiving I Spy to Your Easy Holiday Fun with Kids Prep!

When your kids were little, you prepared a diaper bag so you'd be ready for any emergency that may arise. You'd check that bag twice and fill it to the brim. Toys, board books, and snacks. Great stuff to entertain and keep kids quiet!

That bag gave you a sense of security and helped you relax because you'd be good to go.

Somewhere along the way, you stopped preparing that diaper bag. Maybe it was when your little one was potty-trained or didn't use a binkie anymore.

And there went all those easy ways to entertain the kids.

Well, why not reclaim that sense of security and relaxation with a Holiday Fun Activity Bag!

Make one for each holiday. Be ready to entertain the kids. Just a big kid version 😉

Fill that Holiday Fun Activity Bag for Thanksgiving with free printables, like this Thanksgiving I Spy, Thanksgiving Coloring Activity, and Thanksgiving Coloring Activity

Or just grab this free printable to add a bit of fun to a classroom party, library activity, or homeschool co-op event!

Thanksgiving I Spy printable on white background with orange arrow and Thanksgiving I Spy printable page with orange & brown markers with boy pointing to paper on granite background

Get Your Free Thanksgiving I Spy Printable for Easy Holiday Fun

You can get started with easy Thanksgiving fun today! Some fabulous ideas to extend the learning fun with this Thanksgiving I Spy printable include:

  • Making a graph to count each Thanksgiving figure
  • After playing Thanksgiving I Spy, have your kids cut out each Thanksgiving figure and rearrange to make a card
  • Encourage your kids to draw their own Thanksgiving figures shown on this printable
  • Create your own Thanksgiving I Spy fun by playing the game in your own home with your decorations

Thanksgiving I Spy Activity to feature the amazing holiday fun your kids will have with this free printable

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Enjoy easy holiday fun with kids using this free printable Thanksgiving I Spy activity.

How will you use this Thanksgiving I Spy activity to have holiday fun with your kids?

Boy using marker to play Thanksgiving I Spy on marble surface and free printable Thanksgiving I Spy activity

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