How to Make CLEP Test Prep Easy for Your High School Student

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High school student using laptop computer for online video lessons


Do you worry about how you can help your high school student prepare for and afford college? You most definitely are not alone! Fortunately, there are amazing resources available that can enables you to start earning college credit in an affordable way during high school.

If you're like me, the idea of homeschooling high school is overwhelming enough. How in the world can I help my boys earn college credit during this time of higher learning? And, how in the world can we afford it on our budget for homeschooling 5 boys?!?!?

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study.com for CLEP exams
Photo courtesy of Study.com

When I heard about Study.com's CLEP test prep product, I jumped at the chance to try this one-stop online resource for all things CLEP. I was curious to get a sneak peek into how high school students can save time and money for their future college endeavors. With one homeschool highschooler and another fast on his heels, I'm on the hunt for creative ways to make this journey as smooth and affordable as possible.

Why You May Want to Consider CLEP Test Prep for Your High School Student

Are you wondering what CLEP means? According to Study.com, "The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers over 30 exams that help you earn real college credit in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional colleges and universities."

CLEP is basically an awesome way to get some college credits under your belt before graduating high school. Although my oldest is technically at the ninth grade level, I've been doing some research on the best ways that my boys can pursue their educational goals. With five boys, our family needs to be super smart in planning how to make college happen.

I've looked into pursuing scholarships. Financial aid and grants are other options. We know a few homeschoolers who went the dual enrollment route.

All of those options sound great. But, our family has a few important considerations that enter the equation.

Two older boys play competitive soccer with a good deal of travel. Our schedule is a roller coaster that would make dual enrollment a nightmare. Plus, transportation costs and logistics would further complicate our lives.

Scholarships are no guarantee. I'm not sure if we'd qualify for financial aid. And we would like our boys to take on as few loans as possible.

CLEP test prep, study guides, and tests are sounding more and more attractive. My boys can take the courses they want at home without needing to worry about transportation or schedule conflicts. Save time and money. Bada-bing, bada-boom!

Discover how you can make CLEP test prep easy for your high school student while saving time & money.

Our Experiences with Study.com's CLEP Test Prep

My oldest wasn't quite ready to take a CLEP course on his own. With my didactic tendencies (a.k.a. meganerd), I eagerly volunteered to investigate a few courses with him. In the meantime, my oldest is taking Study.com's PSAT prep course and getting so much out of it!

Make CLEP test prep easy for your high school student using Study.com resources.
Who knew a dog could be such a great tablet holder? Here's Captain using a CLEP test prep resource with support from our dog, Cooper.

With my psychology background, I wanted to compare Study.com's CLEP test prep for Educational Psychology with my own college and graduate courses. I have been impressed with the amount of information that is presented and how it's reinforced. My oldest and I have been soaking in all the Educational Psychology goodness through:

  • Videos
  • Text Transcripts
  • Quizzes
  • Practice Tests
  • Personalized Study Plan

My oldest prefers learning through videos (something that we recently discovered). With his congenital eye condition (causing no vision in his right eye), he finds it helpful to have both visual and auditory components for lessons. He says that it helps to have an option when his left eye gets tired from reading, especially small print.

I love reading along using the text transcripts as the video plays. It's like having your lecture notes typed out all for you! Super helpful when your student needs to go back and review for a quiz or test.

Knowing that you will have a quiz at the end of each lesson has been a helpful motivator to really pay attention. The CLEP practice tests are created to help you become familiar with questions that will be a part of the actual exam. Once you have taken a test, your strengths and weaknesses are determined. This feature helps us save time and focus on our studies.

Study.com's CLEP practice tests are great ways to help your high school student prepare for the exams.
Example of CLEP practice test (photo courtesy of Study.com)


One of the best parts of Study.com's test prep is the Personalized Study Plan. Once you pick your CLEP exam date, a personalized plan is created to help you stay on track with your studies. You get email notifications to track your progress, too.

study.com for CLEP Biology
Example of a Personalized Study Plan (photo courtesy of Study.com)

Overall, we have enjoyed our experiences using Study.com's CLEP test prep product. My oldest and I have also started Intro to Business Marketing, an area that I have no knowledge in whatsoever. We are having a blast learning these concepts together.

You can make CLEP test prep easy for your high school student using study.com.
Captain & I are really having fun learning together using CLEP test prep with Study.com.

Awesome Ways You Can Experience Study.com's CLEP Test Prep

Study.com's CLEP test prep product includes:

  • 500+ practice tests
  • 100+ hours available video
  • 24/7 expert help
  • All major exam types

Here are a few fabulous ways that you can experience for yourself the power of the CLEP test prep:

Study.com has a CLEP Scholarship opportunity for three students. Applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America. Applicants must be planning on taking a CLEP exam by April 1st, 2019. Applications must be received by April 1, 2018.

If you are chomping at the bit to try it on your own, make sure to get 20% off your first 3 months of Study.com’s CLEP test prep product with coupon code HOMESCHOOLFORCLEP. (Valid through May 31, 2018 for new members only. HOW TO REDEEM: Click the “Have a Coupon Code?” link on the last page of the registration process, input the coupon code HOMESCHOOLFORCLEP, and click the “Apply Coupon” button.)


Five winners will receive a 6-month subscription to Study.com’s CLEP test prep product (each subscription valued at $359.94).

Anyone in the world is eligible to win. Best of luck!

How would Study.com's CLEP test prep product help you save money and time as you prepare your high school student?

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