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Free Homeschool Fun for High School Bucket List

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You can still have learning fun with your high schooler! This free printable Homeschool Fun for High School Bucket List will help you plan and prepare.


Homeschooling high school can feel intimidating. There's so much work and things to keep track. And like there's no time for fun.

Don't let that sense of overwhelm prevent you from having learning fun with your high schoolers. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can help your homeschool high school student have fun learning breaks.


free printable homeschool fun for high school bucket list

Homeschool Fun for High School Bucket List

I know that time is precious and often limited. That's why I created this homeschool fun for high school bucket list! It includes homeschool fun activities that my boys and I recommend.

This free download includes two pages. One homeschool fun for high bucket list is complete with our suggestions. The other bucket list is blank for you to add to and customize as you find fabulous ways to boost learning fun with your high schoolers.

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This free printable Homeschool Fun for High School Bucket List will help you plan & prepare for learning fun with your high schoolers.

Ideas & Inspiration for Homeschool Fun for High School


Periodic Table Battleship (Teach Beside Me): One of my older boys' favorite science fun activities!

Hands-On Biochemistry (Science with Mrs. Lau):  Very cool hands-on activities and resources to use to jazz up high school science.

Coloring Pages (Homeschool Clipart): Sometimes, bringing out the crayons and colored pencils with your older students can do wonders for homeschool fun for high school.

Science Vocabulary Fun (Science Rocks): Free printable Cell Division Bingo game (found on Teachers Pay Teachers-with many more awesome resources for higher level science fun!)



Movies & Documentaries (Creative Clever & Classy): Here's a great list of 100 history movies that are rated under R.

Projects (Education Possible): This page lists 5 different areas (Ancient timesMedieval timesColonial DaysPioneer America, and Civil War) for cool high school history project ideas.

Virtual Field Trips:  Enjoy a variety of history-based virtual field trips.

Fashion:  Encourage your high school student to learn about fashion through history. Or look at political posters throughout history.



Prompts (Writing with Sharon Watson): Use prompts (including pictures) to spark a bit of writing fun for your high schooler.

Letter to Self:  Encourage your teen to write a letter to their future (o younger) self.

Black-Out Poetry (Amateur Librarian): Tutorial explaining how to create cool black-out poetry.

Mind Maps (Study All Knight): Lots of creative fun for high school students and writing fun.



Book (or Author) Poster:  Make a poster about a favorite book or author. Use magazine clippings, drawings, or online program (PicMonkey is our favorite!).

Socratic Soccer Ball (B's Book Love):  Awesome activity to get your teens talking about literature (includes printable questions when you subscribe).

Book Tasting (or Party):  Free printable to help you get started with having a book tasting.

Book Box (Selena Smith):  Free printable on Teachers Pay Teachers with a lesson on creating a book box, a fun hands-on activity for high school lit.



Freebies (Teaching Math in High School):  List of high school math freebies to let your teen explore for some fun.

Word Wall (Scaffolded Math and Science):  Encourage your high schooler to make a math word wall (or big poster).

Puzzles (Fun Maths):  Free printable math puzzles for high school level.

Pixar in a Box (Blogging Mom of 4):  Learn about the math (& much more!) behind Pixar films in this free program from Khan Academy.


Life Skills

Money (iGame Mom): Fun games to learn about money with your high schooler.

Party Planning:  Work with your high school child to plan a party. Let them create a menu, determine necessary supplies, and other logistics that go into planning an awesome party!

Laundry:  Have some fun teaching your high school child how to do laundry (great prep for life as an adult!).



Apps (Discover Explore Learn):  List of 20 free apps for high school kids.

TED Talks (Online Courses):  List of 20 recommended TED Talks for high school students.

Projects (Cult of Pedagogy):  16 cool project ideas for using Google Docs, Forms, Slides, etc.


Brain Breaks

Arts-Focused (Education Closet):  5 fast arts-focused brain breaks that older students will love.

Brain Games (Laura Randazzo):  Fun brain teasers for your high school student.

Matrix (Abby and Zach):  Free printable matrix that uses dice and prompts for fun high school level brain breaks.


Hope these ideas and inspiration help you add fun to your day with your high schooler.
What would you add to this list?

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