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15 Free Bookmarks for Reading & Writing Fun

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Want a fun way to motivate your young learners? Use these 15 Free Bookmarks for Reading and Writing Fun. Just print, cut, & color! Use for reading & writing-find out how at rockyourhomeschool.net


How do you motivate young learners to love reading and writing? What types of encouragement do you give them to inspire lifelong readers and writers?

To help your kids and mine, I created these 15 Free Bookmarks for Reading & Writing Fun! Before I share what is included in this free printable pack, let me tell you why I made these bookmarks and how my boys will be using them.

Why My Boys Will Be Using These Reading & Writing Bookmarks

With five boys, it can be hard to keep up with daily reading logs. My boys have a tendency to scatter about our home and yard with their books and notebooks. I often get vague reports of exactly what pages or books were read. The boys give me an excellent retelling or narration of their work, but I need to track books read for their homeschool portfolios.

Some of my boys are also visual learners. A visual reminder gives them the jolt they need to do what is necessary. A simple bookmark can do the trick.

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A few of my boys are tactile learners. They learn through touching. These bookmarks will be great ways to help them remember to write down their reading for the day (or at least ask Mommy to help!).

Smiley (7) and Bear(5) are at the precious stage where they want to take ownership of their homeschool work. Reading and writing are two areas, in particular where they display the desire to tell the world about their accomplishments.

How My Boys Will Be Using These Free Bookmarks

These free bookmarks were designed with my three younger boys in mind. We will print, cut, and color each bookmark.

For reading, the bookmarks will be a place to record the title of the book. Minutes or pages read can be tracked on these bookmarks. For Bear (5) and Xman (2), I will write down the titles. Smiley will record the titles of the books that he reads.

For writing, I will jot down a topic or word(s) on one of the pencil bookmarks. Each boy will get a pencil bookmark with a specific theme or word. The boys will then be given the opportunity to draw a picture, copy the word(s), or write a story about that theme or word.

These 15 free printable coloring bookmarks are awesome ways to boost reading & writing fun for kids.

15 Free Bookmarks for Reading & Writing Fun

In this free printable pack, you will receive three sheets with five bookmarks on each page. Bookmarks contain a combination of cute graphics with penguins, kids, books, and pencils. One sheet has five bookmarks with "Let's Read!" and books.

Print on printer paper or cardstock for more durability.  If you would like to use the bookmarks again and again, laminate and write on with dry erase marker.

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Use these 15 free bookmarks for reading & writing fun. Print, cut, & color to motivate your young learners.

How will you use these 15 Free Bookmarks for Reading & Writing Fun in your homeschool and family?
I would love to read your ideas in the comments below.

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