102 Powerful & Positive Words For Outstanding Growth

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Words have power. Positive words have even more power. Get this FREE printable 102 Powerful and Positive Words for outstanding growth. Use them to electrify your affirmations, thoughts, writing, & more!


Don't you just love that song in Cinderella? I love the part when the Fairy Godmother visits Cinderella and sings this song. Such cheerful little nonsense words that when strung together have a special magic about them!

Wouldn't it be lovely if there was a way to string together sensical words to form a more positive approach to your life? (I mean, wouldn't you love to have the type of power that  Fairy Godmother has?)

Well, guess what?  There is absolutely a way for you to use words in a special way to gain control over your outlook and subsequent behaviors.

You are here to find out more about these 102 Powerful & Positive Words for Outstanding Growth. No worries! We shall get to that. Before we do, let me share with you a dynamic way to add joy to your daily life.

Positive Daily Habit for Self-Growth

In case you missed it, I have been sharing about affirmations and how homeschoolers can use them to boost their daily lives. Affirmations are customizable and have the potential to bring you greater homeschool joy. You can use these positive self-statements at any time of day to help you establish and maintain self-growth.

Daily affirmations can help you develop better:

  • self-care
  • self-esteem
  • anger control
  • anxiety reduction
  • self-confidence
  • self-understanding
  • courage
  • and many more positive effects!

Emile Coue, a French pharmacist and psychologist, is credited with first using affirmations. Over the years, there have been mixed reports about the effectiveness of affirmations. Recent studies have shown that affirmations can help boost performance and have other positive influences on well-being.

One of the keys to effective daily affirmations is selecting and employing powerful and positive words.

Free Printable: 102 Powerful & Positive Words For Outstanding Growth

To help you help you customize your {homeschool} affirmations, here is a free printable list of 102 Powerful & Positive Words for Outstanding Growth. When you include one or two of these words in your affirmation, you will discover their potency.

Tips for selecting and using these powerful & positive words in affirmations:

  • Choose words that are meaningful to you.
  • Don't overdo it! Think short, sweet, and dense for more of a punch.
  • Emphasize the powerful & positive words when you are reading your affirmation aloud and to yourself.
  • Consider a technique like alliteration (repeated sound of first letter in series of words).
  • Include words that you will remember!

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These words can be used for more than affirmations! Weave these words into your writing, speech, and thoughts. Effectively communicate how you think and feel with these potent descriptive words.

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Use this free printable list of 101 Powerful & Positive Words to help you rock your daily affirmations, writing, and more!



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