Why Your Kids Will Love These Fun & Free Typing Games

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Could your kids benefit from free typing games?

Learn about the site I'm using for FREE typing games with my boys to help them learn typing skills AND get your free instant download of Typing Progress Charts!

In our busy modern world, screens seem to be everywhere in the forms of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Even touchscreens at the grocery checkout.

And those screens are available for all ages. We've entered a new world of communication via screens.

Yet, with all those screens, how well does your child actually type?

Not hunt-and-peck or texting.

I mean correct typing form with finger placement, speed, and accuracy.

When I stopped to think about it, I realized my boys might spend more time than I like on screens but they don't really know how to type.


Disclaimer:  I was compensated for my time. All opinions are 100% honest and a positive review was not required.

To remedy that situation, I searched for affordable and effective ways to help my boys learn how to type. I'm so excited to share KidzType and its free typing games for kids. It's helping my boys and I know your kids will love it, too.


Why Free Typing Games for Kids

With five boys to homeschool, I'm very budget-conscious. Since typing is not a core homeschool subject for my boys, I wanted something frugal to start their homeschool typing lessons. Bonus points for being able to try it without having to pay!

I believe that typing is an essential skill for all kids in our modern age. Although my boys prefer hands-on learning and using real books, I know that they need to be able to type with speed and efficiency. Online homeschool courses, as well as future careers, will more than likely require some sort of typing skills to succeed.

To save money and time, I opted to give KidzType a try. All of the typing games, lessons, and practices are free. Plus, we'd be saving time by having a one-stop place for typing information that's designed to be used by kids. Win-win!

Suggestion:  KidzType does have ads. Use this as an opportunity to discuss computer safety and the importance of not clicking on ads or anything they're not sure of. We haven't noticed anything disturbing in these ads but I always appreciate a warning when my boys are using an online program 😉


These free typing games for kids are awesome ways to boost your homeschool.

KidzType: A Fun Approach to Free Typing Games

When I mentioned learning how to type to Smiley (9), his initial reaction was, "B-O-R-I-N-G". Great job with spelling practice but not exactly what I was going for 😉

Fortunately, getting him set up on KidzType was a breeze. Smiley and I clicked around the site and discovered:

To help him build confidence as a typist, Smiley worked on learning typing skills by progressing through KidzType with these daily steps:

  1. Review the tips on the Touch Typing Chart or this handy-dandy video:
    YouTube video
  2. Select a Typing Lesson to practice.

    These free typing games include lessons!
    Smiley picking his typing lesson on Kidz Type.
  3. To help him not feel overwhelmed, Smiley uses the One-Minute option for his first experience with the lesson. We've found that amount of time to be perfect to give him exposure to the skills but not causing him to freak out.
  4. Depending on our schedule, he may continue with the Two-Minute option that day for more practice or carry that over to the next day.
  5. If Smiley needs more practice with that skill, he'll do the Three-Minute option, too.
  6. After he feels comfortable with that Typing Lesson, Smiley moves over to Typing Practices for more opportunities to practice the skill.
  7. Typing Exercises give Smiley great review of the typing skills that he's learned.
  8. After Smiley has done his typing work, he's free to choose one of the 16 fun typing games at KidzType.

    These 16 free typing games are wonderful for kids.
    Smiley's favorite typing game at Kidz Type.

The free typing games are his motivation to learn new typing skills. Smiley's favorite game is Typeroids Home Row Mission. These free typing games are fun and easy to do.

As a busy homeschool soccer mom to five boys, I appreciate being able to give him these type of fun online activity to boost his typing skills as independent work.

Add these free typing games to your homeschool for an easy & affordable (free!) boost.

Using this system, Smiley is making significant progress as a typist. His typing confidence has soared and I'm looking forward to how these new typing skills will transfer to his fourth-grade homeschool work.

I'm so glad that we've started to incorporate typing lessons into our homeschool. Now that Smiley has had a chance to develop his typist skills, his brothers want to compete learn with him. I'm looking forward to watching their typing skills grow and having learning fun with my boys using these free typing games.

These free typings games at Kidz Type are great for elementary through high school.
Captain just had to give Kidz Type a try after watching Smiley's progress 😉 Look at how serious! He just has to beat Smiley's score. I don't mind this type of competition in our homeschool.

My boys wanted to keep a record of their progress. Plus, we live in a state (Pennsylvania) that requires homeschool portfolios with samples of work. I like to include extras, like typing, to show our homeschool evaluator. As a free site, Kidz Type does not maintain a record of your child's progress.

To keep track of your kids' typing progress, I created these FREE printable charts. My boys are having such fun going through the lessons and recording their progress. I hope your kids do, too 🙂

Click on the image below for your free instant download of 3 pages of typing progress charts for lessons, exercises, and practices:

thumbnail of Kidz Type Charts (1)

Which of these free typing games at KidzType do you think your kids will love the most? 

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