3 Ways to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of Online Learning

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Essential Skills Workbooks from Reading Eggs & Mathseeds on granite countertop and young boy writing in workbook with laptop and earphones in background


How do you make online learning work for your kids?

Although it's an awesome option to boost learning at home, you may worry that online learning will cause you to miss out on special time to connect with your kids. Find out how you can help your child get the most out of using online learning resources, as well as enjoy time building relationships with you.

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Sometimes, homeschooling doesn't play out the way you think it will.

Online learning isn't my go-to choice for homeschool resources. I prefer a more hands-on and interactive experience.

I've discovered, however, that a few of my boys thrive using online learning resources with some subjects.

As a relaxed, eclectic homeschooler relaxed, eclectic homeschooler, I've learned to go with what works rather than force my ideas and expectations upon my boys. It's just what works for us 😉 And, in doing so, our homeschool blooms.

After listening to friends and fellow homeschoolers rave about Reading Eggs and Mathseeds, I knew I wanted to try these online learning resources with my boys. Discover how these sites PLUS their new Essential Skills Workbooks are helping us rock our homeschool! (Psst! Get 10% off all workbooks using coupon code:  WK10YINZVY1)


Boost online learning for your kids with these 3 tips, especially awesome workbooks!

Why Online Learning Helps You Rock Your Homeschool

As a busy homeschool soccer mom of five boys, I appreciate saving time and money. There's only so much of me to go around. And only so many hours in a day 😉

Hand over heart, I'd love to be able to sit and linger over each homeschool subject with each of my boys. But, that's not always practical nor the best option.

Our homeschool now operates on an erratic schedule which means a lot of on-the-go homeschooling. This approach to homeschooling isn't my first choice but I'm learning to be flexible and do what's best for each of my boys.

With the demands of our schedule, I've actually had to become more intuitive to what helps each boy thrive. Time is precious and I'm on a mission to be as efficient as possible while still enjoying our homeschool adventures.

When I was planning our homeschool year, I pulled aside each boy to reflect on the past year and chat about the upcoming year. During my chat with Bear, my 7-year-old, I realized that he needed and wanted more for his homeschool reading and math for second grade.

This boy is scary smart when it comes to math. While he's working with building blocks during an older brother's math lesson, he'll quietly solve algebraic equations. He definitely needed more of a challenge! And he's an excellent reader but needed a bit more work to strengthen his comprehension and spelling.

But, I just wasn't sure how I could fit in even more one-on-one reading and math skills building into our homeschool schedule.

Instead of feeling guilty and distraught, I decided to release some of the pressure I was putting on myself and outsource homeschool reading and math for second grade. Hands down, it's been one of the best decisions I've made for our homeschool!


Your kids will love boosting math & reading skills with online learning paired with workbooks.
Bear enjoys building his reading skills using Reading Eggs site paired with its workbooks.

Bear is as happy as a clam since he started using Mathseeds and Reading Eggs. He begs to do multiple math lessons in one sitting. Our agreement is that he successfully completes one reading lesson (his weak area) before doing more math (his strength). With this pact, Bear is movin' and groovin' through second grade!

To make sure Bear gets the most out of online learning, I've implemented a few tactics. These three activities have also helped us stay connected and work together to ensure his second-grade progress.


You can help your child get the most out of online learning with these three simple yet powerful tips.

3 Ways to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of Online Learning

Online learning doesn't mean that you've given up on your homeschool. On the contrary! It means that you're making a smart decision based on your current homeschool situation and needs of your child.

To help you continue to connect with our child as they use online resources, you'll find these three tips to be helpful:

1. Make Time to Check In

You CAN still connect with your child even if they log in to an online learning resource. You will still have so much to discuss about all that your child is learning!

As your child is logging in, chat about what's coming up in their lesson. Ask questions about what they're looking forward to with this lesson and what they're dreading. Reassure your child that you're here to help and provide support when needed. You don't need to hover but stay in the general area in case your child needs your assistance.

After the lesson is over, be intentional about asking how the lesson went. Ask if your child would like to share any details about the lesson or questions, particularly problem areas.

Help your kids enjoy online learning with these 3 tips.
Bear with his best buddy, Blobby the Blobfish, working on his Mathseeds online lesson before he gets to his workbook.

2. Hands-On Learning Opportunities

Hands-on and interactive learning will always be my favorite way to boost our homeschool. To make sure that Bear still gets these special moments of learning, I include hands-on learning opportunities in our morning time and during brain breaks. These candy math books are extra special ways that we incorporate hands-on (and yummy) activities while using online learning resources.

Fun yet effective workbooks can help you boost online learning for kids.
These Essential Skills Workbooks from Mathseeds & Reading Eggs are awesome ways to boost online learning!

3. Use Writing Options When Available

Online learning provides such wonderful engaging and interesting lessons. To reinforce concepts and give writing practice, workbooks are essential.

The Essential Skills Workbooks for both Reading Eggs and Mathseeds online learning options are just phenomenal! These workbooks provide fun and easy ways to boost your child's reading and math skills. You'll discover that pairing these workbooks with online learning provides your child with the best of both worlds.

Plus, if you live in a state like we do (Pennsylvania) that requires homeschool portfolios or records), it's great to have workbook materials to easily pull out and use.

Bear is using Reading 2 and Math 2 workbooks. Both workbooks wonderfully pair with the online learning lessons. And each workbook contains 200 essential skills for second grade! (Click here to learn more about what workbooks are available for each grade.)


You can use online learning resources with your kids and still enjoy hands-on learning fun in your homeschool. When you meet your child where they are and take a realistic look at your homeschool schedule, you'll help your child reach and excel their potential.


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How can Reading Eggs, Mathseeds, and these new workbooks boost online learning in your homeschool?

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