Fun Book & Activities For Learning About Nouns & Verbs

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Check out this fun book that helps kids learn about the role of nouns and verbs in writing and language. Grab free printable activities to extend learning fun

Introducing our children to grammar  can be a bit sticky. Words like "nouns" and "verbs' really have no meaning to our kids. Many grammar books present basic concepts in a rather dry fashion.

As Smiley (7) and Bear (4-who often is attached to Smiley's hip and learning right along with him) make progress with their reading and writing, I have found that we have touched upon nouns & verbs. At this time, we do not follow a specific grammar program. My boys work primarily through read alouds, narration, and copywork.

From among my (retired Kindergarten teacher) mom's many treasures gifted to us, I dug up this fun children's book called Nouns and Verbs Have a Field Day by Robin Pulver. The boys enjoyed this entertaining read and quickly caught on to what it means when we say noun or verb.

Nouns and Verbs Have a Field DayNouns and Verbs Have a Field Day


This book is full of cartoony sketches that grab kid's attention. We find out happens when a class has a field trip and what their nouns & verbs do in the interim. This book is a companion to Punctuation Takes a Vacation, another fabulous book by Robin Pulver (and I shared about it here.)

Fun Activities & Book For Learning Nouns & Verbs-Busy Boys Brigade

As you may have guessed, I wanted to extend the learning fun with this book like I do with other hits in our homeschool. My boys have a variety of learning styles and I find it helps benefit all. Also, we love to add learning fun whenever we can into our homeschool day!

Here is a fun activity to help kids learn about nouns and verbs. Sorting nouns and verbs is part of free printable pack for learning fun!
Smiley having fun with Nouns & Verbs Sorting activity.

To build upon their learning about nouns & verbs, I created a printable pack which includes 3 pages.

  • Nouns & Verbs Sort
  • Nouns & Verbs Scavenger Hunt
  • DIY Nouns & Verbs MadLibs (for all ages!)
Closer look at Nouns & Verbs Sorting activity to help kids learn about thiese writing and grammar concepts.
Another view of Smiley doing Nouns & Verbs Sorting.

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What are your favorite resources to teach grammar to your kids?

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