Fundanoodle: A Fantastic Resource for Your Young Learners

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Find out why my boys love Fundanoodle resources! Fantastic way to add learning fun to motor skills development.


Have you heard about Fundanoodle and its amazing resources? An education readiness program, Fundanoodle helps kids learn and develop motor skills to be ready for higher level academic work.

I am super excited to share our experiences with Fundanoodle and why my younger boys love using these products for learning fun. These resources help kids develop fine and gross motor skills. The best part-kids are having so much fun that they don't even know they are learning. (Sneaky learning fun for the win!)

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of Fundanoodle I Can Write Lowercase! for review. All opinions are my own and I was not required to provide a positive review.

What is Fundanoodle?

Fundanoodle is an education readiness program that was developed by pediatric occupational therapists and teachers. These resources provide young children with opportunities to learn, develop, and master motor skills.

Designed for ages 3 and up, Fundanoodle helps kids build confidence through engaging activities. You will find resources for:

  • I Can Pound:  Through the use of an activity block and the action of pounding, children build muscles for handwriting.
  • Letter Builders:  Kids use these magnetic strips and dry erase board for hands-on letter building.
  • Muscle Movers:  Simply brilliant, especially for kinesthetic learners! Flashcards that encourage kids to use their bodies to act out letters.
  • Activity Books:  Kids work on basic skills in fun ways for future success with handwriting math.
  • Writing Books:  Learn letter and number with educator and occupational therapist-endorsed methodology.
  • Math Books:  Introduces kids to math concepts with an engaging approach.

Fundanoodle is an educational readiness program filled with resources to help kids learn motor skills.

Why My Boys Love Fundanoodle!

Bear (5) is using I Can Write Lowercase! as a part of his Kindergarten homeschool work. He did a happy dance when he saw what his activity book.

Typically, Bear rushes through handwriting. He was even been known to create his own alphabet and try to pass that off as handwriting. Bear likes to get his work done so he can move on to more important things like creating Lego structures and imagining new worlds.

Bear loves the cute monkey (Max) "assistant". Bear doesn't always like to listen to Mommy's advice for handwriting but will follow Max' directions in a heartbeat. Max breaks down letter formation into simple steps with helpful reminders.

Kids will learn and develop fine and gross motor skills with Fundanoodle.
Bear working on his Fundanoodle writing book. He has a playdough snake as a learning buddy for this lesson.

I greatly appreciate having this resource to help me teach Bear. Tips for parents, like pencil grasp and how to position the paper, are provided at the beginning of the activity book.

I Can Write Lowercase! includes instruction and practice for lowercase letters, as well as some sight words.

The best part of using Fundanoodle with Bear is that he is actually slowing down and taking his time to do his best work. Bear loves stickers and looks to earning his reward at the end of each lesson.

Stickers are a great motivation to get your Fundanoodle learning fun done!

Make sure to follow Fundanoodle on YouTube for updates and watch product highlights. If you are interested in learning more, contact my friend, Christine, a Fundanoodle Brand Ambassador. She can answer your questions and help you find the Fundanoodle products that will best serve your young learners.


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