Green Kid Crafts: Easy Way to Add STEAM Learning Fun

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STEAM-based learning can be easy & fun!  Find out why my boys & I love Green Kid Crafts for homeschool & family fun.


Green Kid Crafts is an awesome monthly subscription box that my boys and I had the opportunity to review. I am thrilled to share our experiences with this STEAM-based learning fun and why it just might be the perfect addition to your homeschool.

"Earth friendly creativity, delivered." Green Kid Crafts tagline says it all. They do the work of compiling fun-filled STEAM activities into each monthly box. You get the pleasure of enjoying learning fun with your kids without all the time and effort of planning and organizing!

Why This Subscription Box Doubter Turned Into A Lover!

I'll be honest. I didn't think I was the type of mom who needed monthly subscription boxes. Sure, I'm busy and have five boys in various ages and stages? But, I am creative and love putting together activities for my boys and me to use in our homeschool.

The problem: I'm busy and have five boys in various ages and stages.

There is only so much time in one day. I still need that time-turner that Hermione used!

As much as I want to be in complete control and organize all of our homeschool activities, that scenario is just not going to happen in our current life situation. All I would ever be doing is homeschool planning! No thank you! I'll take time with my boys over planning any day:)

I also tend to squirrel, distracted by some fascinating rabbit hole that one or more of my boys presents during our day. Before any of us know it, our homeschool takes a sharp left turn and several hops, skips, and jumps. Although those fantastic learning journeys allow us to explore new interests, my ideas for planned homeschool activities occasionally fall through the cracks.

Subscription boxes to the rescue! I am now a subscription box convert and fan. Bring on the learning fun-in one easy-to-use box!

Green Kid Crafts is an easy way to add STEAM-based learning fun to your homeschool.

Green Kid Crafts: Easy Way to Add STEAM Learning Fun

I am very picky about which subscription boxes that my boys use. Monthly subscription boxes are typically not cheap (at least not the good ones!) and I am always aware of our homeschool budget. I base our selection based on the content of the boxes, as well as our current homeschool needs.

Green Kid Crafts definitely meet and exceed my subscription box criteria! My boys dug right into our first box with an outer space theme. They got right to work, reading about the activities and cooperating to find a workable plan.

The Outer Space box contained materials for a Planetarium Kit, Space Sand Kit, and Rocket Balloon Kit.

Have STEAM-learning fun with Green Kid Crafts subscription boxes! Super easy way to add learning fun to your homeschool.


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What is Green Kid Crafts? These monthly kits are filled with activities and crafts for STEAM-learning fun in your very own home. Recommended for ages 3-10 (although my older two boys didn't want to miss out on any of it!), each kit makes it easy for you to explore science themes like safari, volcanoes, and more with your kids.


Activities are described step-by-step on cards with age-appropriate scientific explanations. Eco-friendly materials (except common household materials like water) are provided in each monthly box. Everything you need for science and craft learning fun in one box!

In addition to the physical materials in each box, online extras are included like:

  • science projects
  • reading lists
  • crafts
  • recommended toys


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Different subscription levels are available. You can purchase subscriptions and single kits. Green Kids Crafts are fantastic gifts, too!

Ooh! And check this out! Get even deeper savings when you shop Green Kid Crafts during Earth Month (April)! Click on the image below and use these special codes to save money on your STEAM-learning fun!



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