5 Secrets for Adding Fun to Your Homeschool Every Day!

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If you're tired of feeling boring and blah in your homeschool, discover how these 5 secrets for adding fun to your homeschool can help you look back on your day with a smile. Because feeling like a tyrant or robot sucks the joy out of life!

You can add fun to your homeschool every day, even if life is busy. Discover this busy homeschool soccer mom\'s 5 secrets to making sure every day includes moments of fun to connect and build memories.


Does the thought of adding fun to your homeschool every day overwhelm, maybe even scare, you a bit?

The idea of "fun" may conjure up questions like:

  • How will you fit in all that your kids need to learn?
  • Who has time for fun?
  • Why bother to make time for homeschool fun?

Let me lay all those fears and concerns to rest. 

Homeschool fun is highly beneficial and easy to do every day, even if life is busy. And this is coming from a busy homeschool soccer mom to five boys!

You don't need to spend a lot of time planning and preparing for learning fun in your homeschool. And it doesn't even have to cost you any money!

Read on to learn my 5 Secrets for Adding Fun to Your Homeschool Every Day. I snuck in a few extra secrets because that's what friends do, right?

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Our Shaky Start to Homeschooling

I talked about my 5 secrets for adding fun to your homeschool every day during a Facebook Book Live event (video is available when you scroll down) to celebrate They Call Me Blessed's first blog anniversary with an online homeschool mom's retreat. Super fun event with fabulous homeschool speakers sharing their homeschooling tips, encouragement, and resources!

I shared about our homeschool adventures and how I discovered the benefits of adding fun to your homeschool.

From the moment my oldest was born, I felt a tug towards homeschooling. My husband felt that we should at least give public school a try.  I conceded with a heavy heart.

I did my best to stay positive. I volunteered and kept in touch with the teachers. But, I knew it wasn’t the right environment for my boys.

My two older boys (the only ones who ever went to public school) entered kindergarten able to read chapter books.

Kindergarten wasn't a challenge. Nor first grade.

Third grade, however, presented unique challenges to my oldest. His teacher was not cooperative nor flexible. My son, who loves to think outside the box and explore problems from different angles, was seen as a nuisance. I could go on and on...

After surviving that third grade, my husband and I spent the summer going back and forth about what to do. Homeschooling seemed like such a scary endeavor but public school had turned into a nightmare.

With only a few days left to declare our decision, we decided to go for it. But, we were totally unprepared. Feeling helpless (and with another baby on the way), we opted for cyber school.

It was meh and felt like public school at home. Too much paperwork & reporting. Not even a month in, I was researching what it would take to homeschool on our own in our state of Pennsylvania.

A good friend shared her tips and tricks for putting together portfolios and submitting affidavits. Before I knew it, I had our next homeschool year planned with all my t’s crossed and my i’s dotted. We were going to rock that year!

Except that we didn’t.

From Homeschool Flop to Homeschool Fun

I had our days scheduled down to the minute, trying to cram in everything. Because I had to make sure that I didn't fail my boys and we were doing enough!

Our first few days of homeschooling were a hot mess of stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion.

When the boys started to whisper about going back to school, I knew that I was approaching this homeschool thing all wrong.

I thought we had to replicate public school in our homeschool. So many fears took over. I didn't want my boys to fall behind. And since we had all day at home, the boys should do even more, right?

I didn’t want any outsiders or family members to think that we were slacking. I was so worried about what others thought that I didn’t focus on what our family needed.

Since I had no idea what to do, I decided we needed a break and time to relax before jumping back into homeschool. (I had never heard of the word deschooling but that’s just what we did!)

Well, deschooling stuck around for a while. And it was glorious!  

My older boys rediscovered their love of reading and exploring. And we all had time to learn and grow together.

I took that time to research homeschool approaches and talk with other homeschoolers. While I was exploring homeschooling, my boys were making discoveries and thriving at home.

We played games and worked on puzzles. Oh and the Lego creations! CRAFTS!! Tons of arts & crafts.

We've had our share of bumps in the road, but overall, the ride has been fun and full of growth. And along the way, I've discovered 5 secrets that helped us make that happen.

It's my hope that these 5 secrets for adding fun to your homeschool every day will allow you to relax and experience similar joys with your kids.


You CAN add fun to your homeschool every day! Here are my 5 secrets (plus a few bonus tips!) to get you started.

5 Secrets to Adding Fun to Your Homeschool Everyday

1. Let Go

Take a deep, cleansing breath and let go of tension. Feel your muscles relax as stress melts from your body. Holding in all that negativity does no one any good. (Here are wonderful resources for self-guided relaxation and breath techniques to get you started.)

The world will not end if you interrupt math time with a hug fest. Your child will still learn if you take five minutes for a breath of fresh air as you observe birds (and don’t classify them or sort by color! Just observe & enjoy!)


2. K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Sweetie)

Repeat after me:  I do NOT have to have a Pinterest-perfect homeschool!!

Simple is enjoyable. Simple is less stress. Simple is fun.

Adding fun to your homeschool every day does not have to be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive.


3. Go for connection, not perfection

Release the expectations!  Refer also to the aforementioned secret:  I do NOT have to have a Pinterest-perfect homeschool!)  

Why are you homeschooling? What's your homeschool why?

Education, better environment for your kids. I'm sure you have a list of wonderful reasons why homeschooling is best for your familhy.

But, I bet one of the biggest reasons is so you have a closer relationship with your kids.  

Use this time wisely! Don't be a homeschool tyrant or robot. Focus on the moments and how you can make the most of them 🙂


4. Allow the spontaneous to erupt

When you see an opportunity for adding fun to your homeschool, jump at it, girl!

Reading a funny passage? Play it up!

Make a mistake?  Laugh at yourself!  

Got the urge to do the Chicken Dance? Go for it!

Those moments when you let go and let loose are such powerful experiences for your kids. They'll see you relaxing, embracing who you are and what is, and understand that their homeschool is a place that they can feel comfortable and accepted, too.


5. Homeschool Fun Activities

Homeschool fun activities are my favorite. Because they are easy, affordable, and awesome ways to connect with your kids!

Get your homeschool fun on every day with these homeschool fun ideas that are easy-to-do, low prep ways to celebrate fun days.

You DO have time for fun in your homeschool. Fun is what you make it for you and your family!

Here are just a few of the easy ways that you can add homeschool fun activities to every day:


Woman's hand holding bubble with bubbles & trees in background


Take these secrets, let them soak in, churn them around a little bit, process it all.

Figure out what type of homeschool fun YOU want to have.

You know your homeschool & kids best. (Like, you might think cleaning toilets is totally fun. No judgment here but just so you know you can come over anytime and have fun at my house!


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