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How to Use Guided Imagery for Kids In Your Homeschool

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Imagine having a positive practice that you can use with your kids to overcome homeschool struggles.

An easy activity that doesn't require much time, work, or money.

And a way that you can teach your kids a powerful growth mindset technique that they can benefit from their entire lives.

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Homeschool struggles are real. And their impact can leave everyone in your family feeling exhausted and frustrated.

When you started homeschooling, you had visions of peaceful settings where everyone was getting along, working hard, and excited about learning.

Then, reality hit. And homeschooling often feels more like a battlefield than a day at the beach.

Resistance. Lack of motivation. Squabbles. Worries.

How are you supposed to help your kids learn positive ways to deal with these problems? Because you're getting tired of going from being cheerleader, referee, and enforcer! And you want to get on with enjoying your homeschool!

What if I told you there's a powerful yet easy activity that you can do with your kids that cultivates positive thinking and solution skills?

Discover the powerful benefits of guided imagery for kids and how it can boost your homeschooling adventures!

What is Guided Imagery for Kids?

Guided imagery is visualization with purpose. It's an activity that focuses your imagination, thoughts, and feelings on positive. Gentle yet effective, guided imagery is wonderful for all ages.

What happens during guided imagery for kids? As much as realistically possible, you quiet the room. Everyone gets in a comfortable position and closes eyes. Gentle prompts are given with vivid description, often with soft music playing in the background. Your kids are led through a scenario that touches upon all senses. As the process unfolds, a specific purpose or theme (like stress reduction or conflict resolution) is addressed.

Guided imagery for kids can take only a few minutes or longer, depending on your schedule and needs. This powerful positive practice can take place at any time of day like:

  • morning time
  • brain break
  • afternoon quiet time
  • bedtime

This process is more than just visualization. Guided imagery for kids ties together all five senses through specific and powerful use of descriptive words. The use of common images and symbols (like a beach or even a teddy bear) helps kids intuitively understand and embrace the positive messages.

Discover how the positive practice of guided imagery for kids can help your homeschool.

Benefits of Guided Imagery for Kids

With the proper resource and mindset, guided imagery for kids provides wonderful benefits, like:

  • Stress reduction
  • Anger management
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Increased self-control
  • Overcoming perfectionism
  • Better focus and attention
  • Improved cooperation
  • Healing (physical, emotional, mental)

Guided imagery activities can be referred to throughout your homeschool day as fabulous reminders of what your kids are working on. For example, if you have a child who struggles with perfectionism, mention of the giant eraser used in a guided imagery exercise can prompt your child to take a cleansing breath and let go of that stress.

Amazing Guided Imagery for Kids Resources

To help you get started with guided imagery for kids, check out these awesome resources!

Green Child Magazine provides 24 free printable guided imagery scripts that you can use with your kids. I have printed these scripts, three-hole punched, and added to a binder to make it easy to access and use.

Shambala Kids has CDs and MP3s that you can purchase to use with your kids. Choose from topics like Stress Free and Focus package and Kids Anxiety Rescue Package. Resources for teens are also available!

Kids Relaxation has several guided imagery for kids scripts to use and enjoy, including Train Your Anger Dragon and Frosty's Happy Paintbrush.

Health Powered Kids gives step-by-step instructions on how to use guided imagery with young kids. I would suggest talking with your kids prior to using this resource to determine their happy or safe place (to prevent anxiety of trying to quickly pick during the exercise).

Dr. Charlotte Reznick of Imagery for Kids provides this delightful A Magical Healing Garden exercise.

You may choose to read these guided imagery for kids scripts out loud. If so, I encourage you to practice talking slowly and peacefully, with plenty of space for breaths and to let the words really sink in.

Also, you may find it helpful to record yourself saying these scripts and get in there and do the activity with your kids!

How can guided imagery for kids help your homeschool and family?
What questions do you have about this positive practice?

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