Brain Breaks

Discover how brain breaks can help you have easy homeschool fun with your kids.


Brain breaks are excellent ways to help you insert fun into your homeschool day.

These easy-to-do activities involve little to no prep nor mess.

And they help you provide focused learning fun to give your kids a chance to feel refreshed and invigorated!

Rock Your Homeschool loves to share these printable cards that make brain breaks even easier to use. You'll find ideas and inspiration for:

  • Hands-On Activities
  • Interactive Fun
  • Ways to Get Up & Get Moving!
  • Different Ages & Stages
  • Seasonal Fun
  • Celebrating Fun Holidays

54 Brain Breaks to Boost Your Homeschool Day

Need help adding intentional learning fun to your homeschool day? Use these FREE printable prompts of homeschool brain breaks!



January Brain Breaks

free printable January brain breaks


February Brain Breaksfree printable February brain breaks


March Brain Breaksfree printable March brain breaks


April Brain Breaksfree printable April brain breaks


May Brain Breaksfree printable May brain breaks


June Brain Breaksfree printable June brain breaks


Free July Brain Breaksfree printable July brain breaks


Free August Brain Breaks

free printable August brain breaks


Free September Brain Breaks

free printable September brain breaks


Free October Brain Breaksfree printable October brain breaks


Free November Brain Breaks

free printable November brain breaks

FREE December Brain Breaks

free printable December brain breaks


How can brain breaks help you easily add fun to your homeschool?

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