5 Reasons to Love this Hands-On History Curriculum

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Find out why my 5 boys love this hands-on history curriculum from Home School in the Woods. Check out our experiences and see if World History Studies through Project Passport would be fantastic for your family.

History is a beloved subject in our homeschool. My boys and I love to explore different ways to learn about our past. Our favorite approach has always been using a hands-on history curriculum to engage and excite.

I was as excited as Archimedes discovering water displacement ("Eureka!") to have the opportunity to use and review Home School in the Woods and its History Through The Ages. Our homeschool has been using World History Project Passport: Ancient Greece. (We were also blessed with Project Passport: The Middle Ages which we look forward to using next.)

Disclaimer:  I received these products for free and was compensated for my time. As always, all opinions are honest and I was not required to post a positive review.

My boys love learning about history. Professor is our resident history buff and was ready to don a toga when I showed him the materials from Home School in the Woods. After close scrutiny, he gave his official endorsement and was ready to dive into the world of Ancient Greece with his brothers.

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Besides my boys' enthusiasm for history, this educational journey through history has been precious to me. My maternal grandfather was born and raised in Athens, Greece until the age of eight. He continues to tell us stories of his youth and life in Greece at that time. My PopPop is no longer fluent in Greek but has taught my boys a few words like "karpouzi" (watermelon) and "paracalo" (please). With our familial ties to the country, my boys and I love to find new ways to explore and experience its history.

Home School in the Woods and its new Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece has been an excellent resource for our family. Before I provide our 5 reasons for loving this hands-on history curriculum, I want to share a bit more about all that this company has to offer.

Project Passport: Ancient Greece from Home School in the Woods is a wonderful hands-on history curriculum. Here are a few examples of what my boys have made.

Hands-On History Curriculum from Home School in the Woods

Ancient Greece is just one of the time periods available from Home School in the Woods. You will find:

  1. Ancient Egypt
  2. Ancient Greece (NEW)
  3. Ancient Rome (Coming 2018)
  4. The Middle Ages
  5. Renaissance and Reformation

Each Project Passport World History Study is available in download or CD version (with Mac and PC compatibility). Studies include guidebook text, travel itineraries (for 25 Stops with project ideas and directions), and master printables. Also, dramatized audio tours let you and your kids sit back and listen to what life was like in that time period.

I encourage you to . Check out all that is provided in just that sample!

So many wonderful hands-on history projects in this Project Passport: Ancient Greece curriculum!

5 Reasons to Love This Hands-On History Curriculum

1. Comprehensive

Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece provides a thorough coverage of the history of Ancient Greece. You go all the way back to theories on the origins of Greece during your first "Stop" and proceed through the development of its culture, government, geography, architecture, and more.

You will create a comprehensive timeline for this hands-on history curriculum.
Example of our Ancient Greece timeline

2. Unique Approach

These World History Studies combine a variety of popular homeschool approaches to learning. Your homeschool will have the materials to create and complete:

  • timeline
  • notebooking pages
  • lapbook
  • unit study

Reading, writing, listening skills, geography, art, and history are covered to save you time as you focus on this time period.

A variety of hands-on history projects await in Project Passport: Ancient Greece.

3. Great for Multiple Ages

Recommended for use with grades 3-8, I found that all of my boys were able to participate, including my toddler and Kindergartner color and cut timeline and lapbook pieces with the help of the older boys. The three older boys assemble final timeline, lapbook, and notebooking papers into a newspaper. The dramatized audio tour was great for all ages, too.

Map work and geography is part of the learning fun with this hands-on history curriculum.

4. Awesome for Different Learning Styles

One of the greatest benefits to our homeschool for using Project Passport: Ancient Greece was how easily it adapted to my boys' different learning styles. Our auditory learners enjoyed our read-alouds and the audio tour. My visual learner appreciated the timeline and lapbook. My kinesthetic boys loved assembling the lapbook and timeline.

Check out these interactive lapbook pieces in this hands-on history curriculum.

5. Materials & Projects for Homeschool Portfolios & Special Memories

Our time has been very well spent with Project Passport! All the projects that we worked on and created using Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece are perfect pieces to include in our required homeschool portfolios (required by our state of Pennsylvania for ages 8 and up). Our final projects are so impressive that we will be saving these treasures for years to come!

Another fun feature of this hands-on history curriculum is post cards from historical figures!
Check out these postcards from historical figures!

I highly encourage you to check out Home School in the Woods and its Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece if you:

  • homeschool multiple ages and like to combine grades to save time and effort
  • enjoy working on hands-on projects with visible results
  • benefit from taking a multi-faceted approach to a subject or time period
  • are required to submit work to a homeschool evaluator
  • like to enjoy learning history and more with your kids!

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