Free April Homeschool Fun Calendar With Easy Activities

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Daily homeschool fun is just a printable away! Check out these awesome ways to celebrate fun days in your homeschool with easy-to-do activities. Let\'s rock your homeschool in April!


Homeschool fun with easy-to-do and low-prep activities is just a printable away!

Get ready for fantastic fun with this FREE April homeschool fun calendar. You CAN have fun in your homeschool every day! Use this printable calendar and weekly checklist with common household materials to join Rock Your Homeschool subscribers.

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Why add fun to your homeschool every day? I shared my homeschool philosophy at 5 Secrets for Adding Fun to Your Homeschool Every Day. Watch my Facebook Live video (found in that post) to understand how our homeschool adventures have transformed into successful fun!

2017 has been a fabulous year in our homeschool. My boys and I have been using our homeschool fun calendars to make sure we have some type of learning fun every day. I have been so pleased that so many homeschool families have been equally blessed and adding sparkle to their learning fun.

How to Use This April Homeschool Fun Calendar

This process couldn't be any simpler! Simply download and print your April Homeschool Fun Calendar and weekly checklist. Peruse the daily activities and get a feel for what common household materials to gather in preparation. Make a list (if necessary) of any items that you may need to pick up during your next trip to the store.

Put your April Homeschool Fun Calendar in a place to easily reference every day. Add to your homeschool planner or hang on your refrigerator or homeschool area.

Select a time to do your daily homeschool fun activity. Perhaps you want to start your homeschool day the fun way? Make time during your morning gathering!

Or would you prefer to do your homeschool fun activity as a homeschool brain break? Go for it!

Maybe the best time to do your homeschool fun would be at the end of your day as a reward? Fabulous!

That's the special sauce to using your homeschool fun calendar-YOU get to decide the best time of day to do it!

Get your FREE printable April Homeschool Fun Calendar for a daily boost of fun!

FREE April Homeschool Fun Calendar

You will get daily prompts based on nationally recognized fun days. To help you easily organize and prepare, you will also receive a weekly checklist for suggested materials for select activities (not all activities require materials).

Let's get make April super fun in our homeschools! Subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool by clicking here or on the image below to jump into daily homeschool fun activities!

Click here for your FREE printable April Homeschool Fun Calendar.


Helpful Resources for Your April Homeschool Fun Calendar

Bookmark this page and come back to easily access these recommended resources to boost your April homeschool fun days.


Hope this FREE homeschool fun calendar for April blesses your family! Share your pictures and tag Amy @rockyourhomeschool. Use #RYHSfun and #homeschoolfun, too!

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