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5 Stunning Children's Books to Help You Celebrate Arbor Day

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These five books from Candlewick Press are amazing resources to help you celebrate Arbor Day. Vibrant illustrations and engaging story lines are wonderful ways to spark memorable conversations about this special day for trees.


"Mama, I just love trees! Aren't they so beautiful and helpful?"

Adorable words whispered with love by Smiley, my big-hearted eight-year-old as we walked around our yard.

Kids are fascinating creatures, full of exuberance and curiosity about the world around them. They are eager to soak up all that they can about their environment, from the tiniest seed to the tallest trees. Firing questions like "Why?" and "How?", children wait with anticipation to take it all in, process, and then come right back with even more questions.

Disclaimer:  I received these five books from Candlewick Press for free and was compensated for my time. I only offer my honest opinions and was not required to post positive reviews.

As a homeschool mom to five boys, I love to find resources to encourage curiosity, learning, and exploration. Books have been valuable gems in our homeschool treasure chest. By opening the pages to a beautiful picture book, my boys and I are transported to another world that sparks conversation and new perspectives.

Celebrate Arbor Day with these stunning books from Candlewick Press.
My boys love reading these books about trees found on Candlewick Press.

Why & How We Celebrate Arbor Day

Arbor Day has always been a special day of celebration in our homeschool. My mom, a retired Kindergarten teacher, inspired me to continue her tradition of fun activities, crafts, and books to learn more about Arbor Day. We have been blessed to have such an outstanding role model to lead the way in appreciating and valuing trees.

This year, I am so excited to add new resources to help us celebrate Arbor Day with kids! Free printables, activities, and a virtual field trip have been added to the list of our Arbor Day festivities. But, my boys and I have been most impressed with these beautiful pictures books for Arbor Day.

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Candlewick Press has provided us with stunning children's books that have provided our homeschool with a greater understanding of just how important trees are in our lives. Words do not do these books justice! The beautiful illustrations and powerful messages of the authors make for a truly engaging experience.

My boys and I had the pleasure to review five books with tree themes for children. Each book has a unique way of presenting the impact of trees on the lives of humans and animals. Through these five Candlewick Press books, I have been able to help my younger boys gain a greater appreciation for trees.

These five books from Candlewick Press are wonderful additions to your family library. With tree themes, these books will help you celebrate Arbor Day with your kids.

5 Stunning Children's Books to Help You Celebrate Arbor Day

Where's the Elephant? is a fabulous book about trees from Candlewick Press.1. Where's the Elephant?

A delightful picture book with few words in large print, this story is recommended for young learners ages 3-7. Through vibrant illustrations, readers see humankind's impact on wildlife via deforestation. The story is laid out in a kind of "Where's Waldo?" format, as readers are encouraged to search for the elephant, parrot, and snake. Super fun and interactive!

You will have a wonderful time celebrating Arbor Day with these books about trees from Candlewick Press.
Bear loves to find the elephant, snake, and parrot in Where's the Elephant?


These books about trees from Candlewick Press are fabulous for celebrating trees.
Fun craft idea for Where's the Elephant? Make a collage out of tree pictures and draw pictures of the animals in the book to find!


Celebrate Arbor Day with the Little Pear Tree from Candlewick Press.2. Little Pear Tree

In the Little Pear Tree (recommended for ages 2-5), young readers experience the life cycle of a pear tree through the four seasons. A lift-the-flap book, little fingers are kept busy as they explore the sturdy flaps to discover nature objects from each season. Great book for pre-readers and beginning readers!


The Tree: An Environmental Fable is a wonderful book from Candlewick Press that will be a terrific addition to your Arbor Day celebration.3. The Tree:  An Environmental Fable

Another fine book for ages 2-5, The Tree has adorable illustrations to capture the attention of young learners. Large print makes this book ideal for beginning readers as they discover how one tree can be home to many.


Candlewick Press has this beautiful children's book to help you celebrate Arbor Day.4. The Birthday Tree

This book (recommended for ages 4-8) tells the story of a young boy and his ties to an apple tree. Candlewick Press provides this accurate description, "Planting a birthday tree has enduring effects in this poignant tale of a roving boy’s link to nature -- and the roots of his family’s love."

A note of caution for sensitive kids: there is mention of the boy's parents having lost three sons to the sea prior to the birth of this boy. The story explains how the parents took steps to protect their only living son by moving far from the sea. I took the time to explain to my boys that the story appears to take place a long time ago when sea travel was quite dangerous. Also, when the boys get older, he leaves his parents for the sea. There are moments of suspense as the parents look at the tree's health to see how their son fares. I used this story to remind my boys about how much parents love their children and want them to be safe.


House Held Up By Trees, a book from Candlewick Press, is a wonderful resource to help you celebrate Arbor Day.5. House Held Up By Trees

"Not far from here, I have seen a house held up by the hands of trees. This is its story."

Wow! Doesn't that make you want to know just what happened to this house?

Beautiful story (recommended for ages 4-8) about a dad and his two kids who lived in this house. Sneak peeks are given into their lives as the reader notes the hard work of the dad and his love for his kids. Over time, things change for the small family and the house. Fabulous lesson on what happens when we allow nature to run its course!


Whew! I know you must be blown away by these five books to help you celebrate Arbor Day and trees!

You can use this 25% off with promo code CANDLEWICK at checkout for these tree books and more! What a marvelous gift from Candlewick Press!

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This lift-the-flap book called Little Pear Tree is a fantastic book to help you celebrate Arbor Day.
Smiley and Xman enjoying Little Pear Tree.


Here's a short video that gives you a sneak peek at these books about trees!
YouTube video

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Which one of these tree books do you think will help you best celebrate Arbor Day?

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