Let's Chat About Homeschool Art Curriculum

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Let's chat about homeschool art curriculum is part of a blog & Periscope series dedicated to homeschoolers helping homeschoolers.

Homeschool art is a subject area that I love to discuss! I believe that we are so blessed as homeschoolers to have the opportunity to include this important subject in our family's education. Just how a homeschool family chooses to incorporate art into their studies can depend on their goals, ages, and budget.

Let's chat about homeschool art curriculum! What resources and sites do you find particularly helpful in sharing the joys and beauty of art with your children? Also, how do you define "homeschool art'?

Some homeschoolers may define art with more rigid standards. Other homeschooling families include crafts into their homeschool art time. Wherever you fall along that continuum, it is important to have some homeschool art resources for your kids and yourself to enjoy.

Busy Boys Brigade loves to do lots of arts and crafts in our homeschool. I have shared some of our fun projects and craft activities in these posts:

Fun, Fast, & Frugal DIY Stickers Your Kids Will Love!

10 Creative & Frugal Seashell Activities For Kids

9 Awesome Ways For Hands-On Learning With Kids

I have also shared how we first started with picture study in our homeschool with How To Make Free Art Appreciation Cards For Your Homeschool.  Another great resource that has blessed our homeschool is Drawing Textbook.

I also have used these books on arts and crafts for kids in our homeschool. Fantastic ideas and tips for including the special time in your homeschool learning!

To find even more great homeschool art resources, I turned once again to my friends in Rock Your Homeschool Facebook group. These homeschoolers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share!

Let's Chat About Homeschool Art is part of a blog & Periscope series dedicated to homeschoolers helping homeschoolers.

Let's Chat About Homeschool Art

Dawn of Lady Dusk shared her homeschool art resources. I highly encourage you to check it out-great recommendations!

I started off the scope sharing a few of the aforementioned resources that we use for homeschool art. I also highlighted this Usborne book that we used with grand success this past year:

I plan on including these picture study cards in our homeschool this upcoming year.

My older boys will be using Mixing With The Masters Vol. 1.  This course, by Alicia Gratehouse, looks absolutely phenomenal!

Several people shared their love of Artistic Pursuits. They shared that this homeschool art curriculum has quality materials and is effective.

Simply Charlotte Mason Picture Study Portfolios were also recommended. These materials look absolutely incredible!

Whitney from Modern Whit shared her Art With Kids: Self-Portraits. What a fun idea!

Daisy from  used this book with her kids and highly recommends it:  The Art of Teaching Art To Children. She also shared

Child-Size Masterpieces for Steps 1, 2, 3 Matching, Pairing and Sorting. (Her tip:  You can also just get the instructional book and buy your own postcards to put the program together.)  An additional resource shared by Daisy is How to Use Child-size Masterpieces for Art Appreciation.

Tracey shared Art Achieve. I am going to be looking into these art lessons and bundles!

Sharing is caring!

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