How You Can Find Support and More with This All-in-One Homeschool Community

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Looking for a homeschool community to help you make the most of this special time with your kids?

I recently discovered an all-in-one homeschool community that's safe, private, and supportive. It's the type of community that I wish existed when I started homeschooling over 12 years ago.

Learn all about this online community and how its resources can help you rock your homeschool!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m providing my honest opinions and was not required to provide a positive review.

I'm sharing our experiences with iugo.world to introduce you to and help you get a better understanding of this all-in-one homeschool community. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments area at the bottom of this post 😊

Homeschooling Doesn't Have to be So Hard

I was ready to give up before we even began.

When the idea of homeschooling started to get real, I went into a panic. I felt overwhelmed with a ton of negative thoughts and emotions. So many questions and doubts!

A good homeschool friend talked me down out of my tree and showed me that homeschooling doesn't have to be so hard. She shared tips and tricks, resources, and answered all my questions, no matter how silly or ridiculous (well, they felt that way to me!).

I'm so thankful that I had such a supportive person in my homeschool corner. I don't know if I would have ever had the courage or information that I needed to get started.

When I look back on those times (over 13 years ago), I realized that I was really overthinking everything. Plus, there weren't nearly as many homeschool resources available (or at least where I could find them).

I think it's awesome that homeschoolers now have so many resources and curriculum to choose from. But, I know that the feeling of overwhelm can be even more intense for figuring out what to pick and who to follow as you sort out what's best for your homeschool.

That's why I'm excited to share this new safe and supportive all-in-one homeschool community - iugu.world!

iugo.world homeschool community welcome on computer screen.

All About iugo.world & This Homeschool Community

Since iugo.world was in the launch phase when I joined, I jumped on an online video call with its co-founder, Windy. She shared her reasons for creating iugo.world for the homeschool community.

In case you're wondering, iugo.world is pronounced /yugo/ and is latin meaning yoke - to bind together and connect.

I learned so much from her about iugo.world and all that it has to offer from our conversation. Windy explained how this online homeschool community (and its resources) is growing and open to member suggestions. She is passionate about helping homeschoolers get a solid start and find like-minded individuals to support each other along the way.

iugo.world is available on the Circle app or you can access via web browser. All of the available resources are shown and accessible in the left panel. There's a Start Here section to introduce you to iugo.world and give you tips for getting the most out of your experience.

There are 2 plans (membership levels) - iugoCONNECT and iugoPRO.


  • FREE plan (no credit card information required!)
  • Create account & personal profile
  • Community Discussion Board
  • Access to events calendar
  • Receive iugoeFeed & Announcements
  • Access homeschool directory
  • Access our Safety First! community
  • Receive weekly free resources


  • $12 per month
  • All iugo.CONNECT Plan features
  • Unlimited access to curated K-12 curriculum & resources for all grades
  • Personal homeschool consultant
  • Access to private groups by grade & age and special interest groups
  • Free access to all iugoCourses & Workshops 
  • Active Community discussion board
  • Access to all iugoEvents, competitions, fairs and expos
  • Option to enroll in Iugo World Academy umbrella school

iugo.world also has an Interactive Map of Homeschool Compliance Laws by State. This map directly connects you to the most up-to-date homeschool laws for your state.

Also, iugo.world provides extensive teaching and learning resources to support both secular and Christian homeschool academic and socioemotional development.

iugo.world welcome to homeschool community on computer screen.

Major Perks for Being a Member of This Homeschool Community

There are some super cool benefits to becoming a member of iugo.world. I've placed an asterisk (*) next to perks that are only available to iugoPRO members.

1. Safe, Private Homeschool Community

Find your people that understand what you're going through. Ask questions. Find inspiration. There's a Community Discussion Board to do all that!

There are no ads in this homeschool community. It's created to be a personalized experience.

2. Events & Field Trips

This section includes information about free and low cost field trip options. There's a mix of virtual and in-person field trips. As members join, field trips based on zip codes will be added. Windy shared: As our community grows, you may need events in your area that are not yet in our database, but we’re on it! Send us a message with your location and curriculum interests, and we will upload customized events just for you!

You can easily search for field trips using the search bar with things like topic or zip code.

Oh, and field trips and events will have a curriculum connection when possible!

3. Safety First!

Help your homeschool be ready and safe! This section includes resources for safety lessons for CPR and earthquakes. Fire safety (a homeschool requirement in my state), as well as water and bike, will be added soon.

4. * Groups by Interests

iugoPRO members have access to specialized groups, like:

  • New Homeschooling Families
  • College Bound
  • Faith-Based Homeschooling
  • Gifted and Talented Learners
  • Project-Based Learning

5. * Courses & Workshops

iugoPRO members are able to participate in SEL (Social Emotional Learning) workshops, as well as STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) workshops.

Windy and her team are open to creating courses and workshops based on the needs and requests of members.

6. * Groups by Grades & Ages

In this section of the homeschool community, members have access to academic resources and curriculum for each grade level (preK through high school). Members will also be able to ask questions and chat about specific situations for homeschooling these grades.

7. * Homeschool Consultant

As part of iugoPRO membership, you have access to an experienced homeschool consultant (Windy). You can get answers to your specific questions (and guest experts).

Your iugoPRO homeschool consultant holds weekly office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays for live Q&A.

iugo.world homeschool community Get Started page on computer screen.

Join a Homeschool Community Built for You

You don't have to do this homeschool thing alone. Get the support you need in a safe place from like-minded individuals and homeschool experts.

If you're new to homeschooling or could just really use a boost, I encourage you to sign up for iugo.world. You have 2 plans to choose from and fantastic resources at your fingertips. It's an economical, all encompassing, one of a kind homeschool tool that strives to meet the needs of every homeschool student (and parent).

Become a part of a growing homeschool community that wants to see you and your kids thrive by joining iugo.world!

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  1. Hi Amy,
    Just want to let you know that I couldn't find the free plan on iugo's site. Might it not be available anymore?

    1. Hello again! I got a response: just have them enter their email, password, name, leave coupon code box (optional) blank, accept the terms and they'll have access...
      Hope that helps πŸ™‚

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