Project Planner Printable Pack: Fun Way to Boost Creativity (11 Free Pages)

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This project planner printable pack is full of fantastic tools to help your kids get started with designs and creative activities.

You'll find a variety of pages that make it fun to map out, create, test, and evaluate projects for all sorts of subjects, interests, and themes.

Find out more about this free printable set and how it can inspire your students with design projects and more.

Help Your Kids Take Their Ideas to the Next Level

Want to help your students be more creative, demonstrate skills, and apply knowledge?

Or maybe you need a simple way to guide your kids through design projects?

This free project planner printable set can help you do all of that!

Project-based learning is an amazing way to provide your students with creative ways to learn and grow. These projects can be guided with specific questions to spark a learning adventure. Or your students can take off with their interests, explore areas of curiosity, or do a project just because.

My boys and I have been incorporating more projects into our homeschool. They love the opportunities to think outside the box and dive deep into topics. I love how these types of projects involve a variety of subjects (like our unit studies) and boost electives, too.

It's been awesome watching my boys take their ideas to the next level. Sometimes, their projects come from our studies, like wanting to learn more about a particular state after a geography lesson. Other times, their project ideas arise from our outdoor activities, like wanting to build a bird bath for our feathered friends.

This project planner printable pack is created to help my boys (and your students) take all those brilliant project ideas and formulate a plan that allows them to take those big thoughts and break them down into actionable steps. Also, these project planner pages include features that prompt your kids to figure out materials, possible obstacles, and assess what worked and what needs tweaked.

Oh, and I wanted to add this reminder: These projects can be for actual creation OR for imaginative use. For example, your student could use these project planning pages to design their dream home or futuristic care. I've shared some project ideas below 😊

Woman holding blue clipboard with project planner printable page and other project planning pages in the background with color pencils, markers, and yellow star-shaped pencil sharpener.

Learn More About This Project Planner Printable Pack

This free printable pack for project planning includes 11 pages (PDF). All of the pages are in black-and-white (printer friendly!).

The project planner pages are:

  • Design Project Overview
    • Name & Start Date
    • Project Name
    • Design Brief (description)
    • Deadline
    • Objective
    • Resources
    • Action Plan Checklist
    • My idea bank
  • Mood Board
    • Explore other designer's styles. Add pictures, drawings, colors, shapes, etc.
  • Initial Ideas
    • A space to jot down notes and sketches to explore your ideas.
  • Project Planning - kind of like a structured mind map
    • Target Audience
    • Color Palette
    • Size
    • Functions
    • Materials
    • Tools
    • Budget
    • Features
    • Possible Obstacles
    • Style
  • Research Notes (2 pages)
  • Research Images
    • A space to put pictures and drawings for visual ways to learn about your design process.
  • Progress Tracker
    • To Do List
    • Circle (pie shape) to color as progress is made
    • Notes
    • Obstacles -> Solutions
  • Final Design (2 pages)
    • Dotted paper to record notes, additional ideas, and close-up details
  • Evaluation
    • I am most proud of...
    • Final Design (area to attach a picture of completed project)
    • Self-Assessment:
      • What went well?
      • What didn't go so well?
      • How could you improve your design?
      • Have you learned any new skills in this project?
      • What do you like most about your final design?
    • Quick-Check:
      • Did you follow the brief?
      • Did you meet the deadline?
      • Did you stay on budget?

WOW! All of that is learning some invaluable creative AND life skills!!

Woman holding blue clipboard with project planning page and other examples in the background and color pencils, markers, and yellow star-shaped pencil sharpener.

Creative Ways to Use This Project Planner with Your Students

Wondering how you can actually use these project planning pages with your kids?

Here are a few ideas for determining how you may want to get started:

  • Look ahead on your homeschool or school schedule. Are there any topics coming up that could use a boost with project-based learning?
  • Is there a particular subject that you'd like to get your kids more engaged in or excited about? Projects are fantastic ways to do that!
  • Take a look at some of our favorite projects for kids:
  • Chat with your kids about their project ideas. Find out what they're interested in and would like to explore.
  • Brainstorm ideas for projects with your kids. Then, narrow down those ideas or prioritize them.

Oh, and make sure to print out extra copies of all the pages!

Mock-up of examples of this free project planner printable pack.

Cool Project Ideas for Kids

Need a bit of inspiration for projects that your kids can work on and enjoy? Project-based learning is so much fun.

Well, I sat down with my boys and we came up with this list. (Please share your project ideas in the comment area at the bottom of this post!)

  1. Make a diorama
  2. Create a cartoon character (and cartoon strip)
  3. Design a board game
  4. Make an app
  5. Claymation video
  6. Stop-motion video
  7. Lego (building block) design and instructions
  8. Start a blog
  9. Design a jewelry line
  10. Create a clothing line
  11. Write a book
  12. Develop a new business
  13. Plan a lemonade stand (or other way to raise money for an important cause)
  14. Music video
  15. Write a play
  16. Design a video game
  17. Create a new recipe
  18. Write a recipe book
  19. Build a piece of furniture
  20. Make a sewing pattern
  21. Design and complete a sewing project
  22. Create a motivational poster
  23. Make a new emoji
  24. Plan a trip
  25. Create a tour guide
  26. Make a brochure
  27. Design your dream home
  28. Create a futuristic car
  29. Write a T.V. show
  30. Write a movie script
  31. Write a commercial
  32. Plan an art project (or scuplture)
  33. Plan a photography project
  34. Create a logo
  35. Develop an interior design plan
  36. Create a futuristic building
  37. Map out how to make a chicken coop
  38. Design a garden (vegetable, flower, etc.)
  39. Science fair project
  40. Create a news show (morning, evening, investigative)
  41. Family tree (geneaology)
  42. Make a podcast
  43. Design a playground
  44. Design a rollercoaster
  45. Design an amusement park
  46. Create a PowerPoint presentation (or other type of slideshow)
  47. Make a magazine
  48. Plan a mural
  49. Design a quilt
  50. Create a time capsule
Project planning printable page on blue clipboard with other project planner pages in background and color pencils, markers, and yellow star-shaped pencil sharpener.

Get Your Free Project Planner Printable Pack

High five! Your students will enjoy so much learning fun with their projects.

This free project planner printable pack includes 11 pages in black-and-white.

You can most certainly print as many of these project planning pages as you need for your personal use, family, class, homeschool co-op, or community event. If you have a friend or co-worker who’d enjoy to have this sort of outdoor fun, I ask that you please share this post with them. Thanks so much for your cooperation!

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Project planner printable pack with examples of 3 of 11 pages.

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